On the PCQ like in a mill

Allow me to be a little blunt, but let’s just say it like it is: The Wokes Club really does accept everyone. After Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois and Dominique Anglade, François “Duplessis” Legault has now woken up this week. If you wanted one more proof that the label doesn’t mean much anymore, here it is.

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No, but it’s true, frankly, we enter this club like a mill.

Or like the Quebec Conservative Party.

It was Eric Duhaime who woke up his three rivals on Wednesday. The PCQ leader had failed to understand that his opponents had summoned him to give up D’s candidacy.r Roy Eappen in the October elections for his anti-abortion positions.

Éric Duhaime yelled at the “culture of cancellation”. No joke.

He says he sees a disturbing “democratic drift” nothing less than in the urgings of his political rivals. All Quebecers are equal, he protests. Everyone has the right to stand for election, regardless of their personal religious affiliation.

Nobody disputes that. But conversely, parties have every right to exclude candidates who do not reflect their values. None of them are forced to accept a homophobic, misogynistic or anti-Semitic candidate. Or against abortion.

There is no such thing as a fundamental right to be a candidate for a party. These select clubs—a lot more selective than the wakes club—can very well turn down applicants, if only for consistency. And they do it, all the time.

It has nothing to do with discrimination or wokist drift. That’s called politics.

Roy Eappen’s personal religious beliefs only concern him, Éric Duhaime protests. It’s none of our business, especially since the Dr Eappen has promised not to push for legislation if the PCQ comes to power.

Does that reassure you? Not me.

Invoke D .’s Privacyr Eappen doesn’t hold up. First, because he very often spoke out against abortion very publicly, on his blog and on Facebook. Then because he never promised to keep his opinion to himself. On the contrary, when he announced his candidacy in March, he said he wanted to “talk to people” to “change their minds”…

Notice, he would have every right to do that. But under the banner of the PCQ, really? An official pro-choice party? The Freedom Party?

Doesn’t Éric Duhaime feel uncomfortable proposing this candidate in favor of the idea of ​​limiting women’s freedom to dispose of their bodies?

“What is the next step? Creationists no longer have the right to stand for election?” Éric Duhaime asked my colleague Charles Lecavalier.

Let’s reassure him: they will always have the right. However, it is not certain whether they were chosen. But that’s another discussion.

Now let’s turn the question back to Mr. Duhaime. After the famous anti-vaccine candidate and the now famous anti-abortion candidate, what is the next step for the PCQ?

A homophobic candidate perhaps? Or pro-sharia? Is the party prepared to accept a candidacy in the name of freedom of conscience?

There is a red line, Éric Duhaime recognized. Asked by Patrick Lagacé on 98.5 FM, the conservative leader, openly gay, admitted he would reject a candidate favorable to conversion therapies. “It never happened, it won’t happen, and if it did, well, it certainly wouldn’t work. However, he couldn’t tell me that I have to go to conversion therapy! †

Even in the PCQ there are limits to freedom of conscience.

Strange to hear that Éric Duhaime suddenly reminds us of the importance of respecting the religious beliefs of others, he who proposes to select immigrants on the basis of their ‘civilization compatibility’ with Western values.

Éric Duhaime, he sees some hypocrisy in the speech of Quebec Solidaire, a party that lectures him about abortion when he presented a veiled candidate in the last election. “Do you really think Eve Torres, who wears the veil, is a pro-choice woman? ‘ he asked on the airwaves of 98.5 FM.

Éric Duhaime took it for granted that Mme Torres was against abortion. So much so that he didn’t bother to ask her.

Eve Torres replied on Twitter: “I am a woman, admittedly Muslim, but feminist and pro-choice as far as I can remember. “Oops…

Unfortunately. As Éric Duhaime said when he was a radio host: “Better bad information than no information at all.”

We are told not to interfere. The voters, who are still not idiots, will decide in the polls. No doubt.

But we forget that for years American women were told not to get annoyed by ultra-religious groups that wanted to ban abortion. They were told that Roe v. Wade would never, ever be invalidated.

Then came Trump. The shock wave has not yet been felt. You would have to be naive to believe that Quebec and Canada are immune to this kind of political turmoil.

“Never forget that it only takes a political, economic or religious crisis to question the rights of women,” Simone de Beauvoir once said. These rights are never acquired. You will have to remain vigilant for the rest of your life. †

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