Legault denies political interference in freedom of information requests

According to the testimonies collected by Radio-Canada from three health officials responsible for accessing information requests in three different regions, there is an internal consultation mechanism within the state apparatus regarding responses to whether or not to respond to these requests from the public and media.

According to the three people who agreed to speak on condition of anonymity, there is political influence over the processing of the requests. Some even claim that all means are good to deny entry to public documents.

However, the existence of such a process violates the law that states that citizens have a right to this information within the confidentiality frameworks provided for in the legislation on access to documents of public authorities.

Davide Gentile’s report


Prime Minister François Legault, accused by the opposition in the National Assembly of lack of transparency and of attempting to control information by putting pressure on the state apparatus, warned his political opponents to pay attention to the intentions revealed to the government. attributed after the publication of this article.

What we are talking about in the article is the presidents of CISSS or CIUSSS who disagreed with their officials about the information to be givenhe continued.

: \”Voici l’information que vous pouvez rendre publique\””,”text”:”On ne parle pas de politique, on ne parle pas de personnes qui sont dans le Cabinet ou qui sont ministres ou premier ministre. On parle de fonctionnaires qui ont dit à des fonctionnaires: \”Voici l’information que vous pouvez rendre publique\””}}”>We are not talking about politics, we are not talking about people who are in cabinet or who are ministers or prime ministers. We’re talking about officials telling officials, “Here’s the information you can make public”defended the prime minister.

The Parti Québécois MNA for the Îles-de-la-Madeleine, Joël Arseneau, immediately pointed out to François Legault that the CEOs of CIUSSS and CISSS are appointed by the Minister of Health and that it is therefore not impossible that they are subject to political pressure when processing requests for access to information.

Personally, I say to the CEOs of CISSS and CIUSSS: “Respect the law […] and everything that can be given must be given,” and that’s what we’ve been doing since the start of the pandemic.

A quote from François Legault, Prime Minister of Quebec

Anne-Marie Dussault speaks with Minister Éric Caire.

Reform needed

As for the official opposition critic for access to information, Gaétan Barrette, he urged the minister responsible for access to information and the protection of personal information, Éric Caire, to review the law on access to documents held in be owned by government agencies to ensure not the autonomy, but the independence of those who manage access requests, as we did with whistleblowers

Unhappy with Mr Cairo’s response, the Liberal MP entertained the gallery by showing a poster featuring the minister’s business card, edited in marker. Éric Caire had already jokingly asked to call him during a study day before the study sharpie

“Culture of Opacity”

In the ranks of Québec Solidaire, Speaker of Parliament Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois also called for a reform of the law, but also for a culture change within the government.

Quebec has a culture of opacity and a culture of lack of transparency in the state apparatus. Talk to Louis Robert. Talk to the whistleblowers, then I want to say, talk to yourself, there, talk to the journalists who are breaking their teeth about this culture of opacity and lack of transparency specific to Quebeccriticized Mr Nadeau-Dubois.

Don’t ask me where exactly it comes from, it’s a broad question, but we’ve known this problem exists for decades.

What is needed, according to Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, is above all a massive political will to change that culture.

: \”Moi, je suis le changement, moi, je vais changer ça, ce système-là\”. Non seulement il a échoué, mais l’État québécois est plus opaque que jamais. Ça fait deux ans, plus de deux ans, qu’on est sous l’état d’urgence sanitaire.”,”text”:”François Legault s’est présenté devant les Québécois en disant: \”Moi, je suis le changement, moi, je vais changer ça, ce système-là\”. Non seulement il a échoué, mais l’État québécois est plus opaque que jamais. Ça fait deux ans, plus de deux ans, qu’on est sous l’état d’urgence sanitaire.”}}”>François Legault presented himself to Quebecers and said, “I am the change, I’m going to change that, that system.” Not only has it failed, but the state of Quebec is more opaque than ever. We have been in a state of emergency for two years, more than two years.

He treats people asking for information as threats, except the real threat isn’t information, it’s not transparency. The real threat is darkness.

A quote from Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, spokesperson for Québec Solidaire

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