Eric Duhaime snubbed by Eve Torres

Guest on radio 98.5 Montreal on Wednesday to comment on D .’s candidacy for the provincial electionsr Roy Eappen, anti-abortion doctor, Conservative Party leader Eric Duhaime went one step further. According to him, the position of his candidate does not pose any threat to women’s rights and Quebec Solidaire (QS) would have done the same in 2018, by proposing the candidacy of a veiled woman.

The leader of the Conservative Party of Quebec (PCQ), which openly calls herself “pro-choice”, said that because she is wearing the veil, former Quebec candidate Eve Torres would support abortion. What the latter replied on Twitter.

“My wish was to position myself, to confirm what I think. Not to convince other people, but maybe to reassure people for who it is [les propos d’Éric Duhaime] could cast doubt on me because I’ve been through it several times,” she explained in an interview with The duty

While broadcasting with Patrick Lagacé, Mr Duhaime took advantage of his platform to expose “an anti-democratic drive” that concerns him as a citizen. “All Quebecers, all voters, have the right to run in general elections and it is not true that we are going to exclude people because they have faith and believe in God,” he said.r Eappen is against abortion because of his religious beliefs.

His comments follow Prime Minister François Legault’s recent statement that anti-abortion candidates have no place in Quebec and are more broadly in line with the ruling’s possible overturn. Roe v. wadenin America.

“I find it very hypocritical to hear that guys like Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois lecture me and that we should not choose a candidate because he has religious beliefs, when he himself, in his party, in the last election, had a veiled candidate “The conservative leader continued. Do you really think Eve Torres, who wears the veil, is a woman who is pro-choice?”

The next day invited to the same microphone, Mme Torres reiterated that she was indeed pro-choice, while at the same time denouncing the amalgam that a veiled woman is necessarily anti-abortion.

“I would have appreciated it if the question was asked before I came to any conclusions,” she told the Task† This kind of talk is “dangerous” and “continues to feed the prejudices that are already in place” [au Québec et ailleurs en Occident] ‘ she wanted to add.

An atmosphere of déjà vu

Responding to these allegations was no easy task for Eve Torres. “There’s a fine line between wanting to calm things down and making a mistake in your words that can shake things up and have the opposite effect. No one is immune from making mistakes, but mistakes don’t cost everyone the same – physical or psychological – she added.

For the activist, the conservative leader’s comments are neither surprising nor strange to him, after 22 years in Quebec. “The use of such amalgams in politics is not the first time. We saw it in particular with Bill 21. We brazenly touched upon fundamental freedoms in the name of a secularism that already existed in Quebec,” said the woman who has campaigned for women’s rights for several years.

“The Muslim woman in Quebec is a woman like any other woman,” she argued.

And when she condemns the arrow shot sent to her by Mr. Duhaime, she more generally denounces the political instrumentalization of issues such as religion in the context of the election campaign.

“Just this discussion in 2022 is quite a setback for women in general, she denounces. There is no hierarchy in the fight for women’s rights. †

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