Good Quebecers will be available to the Canadian in the early rounds

With every change of direction at the Canadian we all wonder if the CH will pick more guys from here to the repechage. Everyone promises it, but there is a margin between promising and doing.

It is unclear how Kent Hughes plays drafts as he has never worked for an NHL team. What we do know is that as an agent, he often went to Quebec to look for clients.

Will he do the same with the Canadiens as GM? Did Jeff Gorton spend more time staring at Q players who saw Joshua Roy and Riley Kidney’s successes? Who knows.

Obviously, with the top 3 pick, it won’t be a Quebecer arriving in town. There’s a good chance Shane Wright will be wearing a Canadiens jersey at the Bell Center, but the raffle (in five days’ time) will help find out more.

But after that, there are still some players from here who are well classified. On the sidelines of the Central Recruiting List that was unveiled, we notice that some of the guys from here are in a good position.

Of the North American skaters, three Quebecers are in the top 25.

Jordan Dumais, who criticized central recruiters for their assessment of his case, lost a rank.

Does this mean that, taking into account the players from Europe, the majority of these players will be available to the Canadian when he drafts with the Flames’ first pick and his 33rd pick overall? Possibly, yes.

Of course, that doesn’t mean these guys automatically come to Montreal. That said, for the most part they will still be waiting for the CH to speak about round one for the second time.

Unless some clubs for CH fall in love with one of the guys and pick him relatively early. Last year, several first round picks, including Logan Mailloux, were ranked lower.

Let’s not forget that we can also expect Canadian fish higher than expected through one or two trades. If management is in love, whether Quebecer or not, it can take action.

To be continued… but if the CH ignores several players from here and they perform well next year, the management will be told that massively.

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