François Legault says anti-abortion candidates have no place in Quebec

It is not normalPrime Minister François Legault said in the corridors of parliament on Wednesday. There shouldn’t behe continued, adding thatthere are no and CAQ“,”text”:”[qu’]il n’y en aura pas à la CAQ”}}”>[qu’]there will be none CAQ in the general elections to be held this fall.

Endocrinologist and professor at McGill University, Dr. Roy Eappen is part of the “health duo” presented on February 17 by the head of the PCQ, Éric Duhaime. He will be a candidate in the Montreal stages of Notre-Dame-de-Grâce.

However, the fiery debate over the right to abortion in the United States, revived by the leak, had revealed that the Supreme Court was about to rule on the Roe c. Wade, on Wednesday gave the opportunity to the main political parties represented in the National Assembly to comment on the topic.

The issue of abortion comes to Quebec: Patrice Roy talks about it with Martine Biron, Jonathan Trudeau and Alec Castonguay.

For example, Quebec Liberal Party (PLQ) leader Dominique Anglade stated in a press conference on Wednesday morning that Quebec is not not safe of this kind of debate and that we should not do that don’t compromise on women’s rights

The presence in the conservative ranks of a pro-life candidate is also unacceptable, the official opposition leader in Quebec said. We cannot accept thisshe said, adding that the… QLPwill not have a candidate who will challenge women’s rights this fall.

I would like to ask all political parties to have clear candidates who are not against abortion.

A quote from Dominique Anglade, Leader of the Quebec Liberal Party

In a similar press conference, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, co-spokesperson for Québec Solidaire, also said that what’s happening in the united states used to be a stark reminder that women’s rights are never final

He also expressed concern that a motion by the Bloc, in which the free choice The woman’s decision to have or not have an abortion was defeated in the House of Commons on Tuesday, failing unanimous consent from deputies.

That also reminds us that, even here, in Canada, even here, in Quebec, there are people who want us to pull back on women’s rights, on women’s right to control their bodies.he noted. Me, it’s driving me crazy. It drives me crazy, especially as a new dad to a little girl.

With regard to the conservative candidacy of Dr. Eappen reminded Gouin’s deputy that his colleague Manon Massé had signed an open letter on March 8, ahead of International Women’s Day, in which he all candidates in the next election to support women’s right to control their bodies

According to him, it will be on [Éric Duhaime] to justify why he presents in Quebec in 2022 people who are convinced to reduce [ce droit]

Eric Duhaime defends himself

For his part, leader Éric Duhaime defends himself – first by recalling the PCQ’s officially pro-choice stance. That being said, people have the right to hold personal beliefshe makes clear.

People have a right to religious freedom in Quebec, and it’s not up to Mr. Legault, Ms. Anglade, or Mr. Nadeau-Dubois to decide who has the right to run and who doesn’t have the right to stand.

A quote from Éric Duhaime, leader of the Quebec Conservative Party

According to him, there is something very undemocratic in statements made to the press on Wednesday by the leaders of the CAQby QLP and from QS

cancel culture, où l’on décide que juste ceux qui pensent comme nous ont le droit de se présenter”,”text”:”Ce sont trois \”wokes\” qui sont en train de faire la promotion de la culture de l’annulation, de la cancel culture, où l’on décide que juste ceux qui pensent comme nous ont le droit de se présenter”}}”>They are three “wakers” who promote the culture of cancellation, cancel culturewhere we decide that only those who think like us have the right to present themselveslamented the conservative leader in an interview with Radio-Canada.

For me, this is a dangerous precedent and I hope they reverse the claims they made earlier today.he added.

The day before, elected Quebec officials had unanimously passed a motion filed by PQ member Méganne Perry Mélançon, targeting reaffirm women’s right to dispose of their bodies and recall their right to abortion† The only Conservative MP, Claire Samson, voted for her.

With information from Alex Boissonneault

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