an application for fans who want to enjoy before and after the game

Park your car or come by public transport? Where are the tips around the stadium? Which place to celebrate the third half? The Stadium Traveler application answers all these questions from “groundhoppers”, those supporters who travel hundreds of miles to get from stadium to stadium.

Even if the internet exists, getting a seat in a stadium unknown to us or drinking a beer there can become an obstacle course. With his application Stadium Traveler, the resident of Strasbourg, Nicolas Heude, wants to simplify the lives of supporters and “groundhoppers” to create a real community.

Nicolas Heude is 22 years old and studies at the Strasbourg School of Management (EM). He follows his apprenticeship in his own company: his future Stadium Traveler application. It informs the “groundhoppers”, these sports fans who have turned stadiums into new tourist destinations. But the app is also intended for supporters who are used to following their team on the road.

Nicolas, a lifelong fan of Racing Club de Strasbourg, has barely missed a match at the Meinau stadium: “With my family we went elsewhere to watch matches. I also usually go to a stadium or watch a game when I am on vacation. We can talk about a love for stadiums!” Since July 2021, the maker of the app has visited no fewer than 41 locations throughout Europe.

But it was a competition at the Singla Iduna Park in Dortmund, Germany that gave the young entrepreneur the idea to create his app in August 2019: “Before the competition, I spent my evenings looking for information about parking garages, without actually finding it. On the spot, I also discovered that to buy a beer you needed a special card to top up via a mobile application, de everything in German … In short, it was a hassle”explains Nicolas Heude.

So the idea for the app was born. It should provide supporters with all practical information about stadium access, parking and on-site catering. But what should be central to the Stadium Traveler founder is the feedback from the fans:“I want to make it a TripAdvisor for supporters. Everyone will be able to give their opinion by recommending a restaurant or a parking space, say whether it is better to go to the game by car or by bus…”

At present, the application has in its database the basic information of 1,500 stadiums: “Then we want to complement and refine all this with feedback from fans. The goal is to create a real community on a European scale.” Upon release, the application will be available in French and English.

“Groundhopping”, which can be translated as “football tourism”, was born in England in the 1970s, before developing elsewhere in Europe. Despite everything, the practice is not yet very widespread in France, even though several youtubers are making themselves known by going to all stadiums in France and even abroad. One of them went to the Meinau in Strasbourg last April:

Nicolas Heude hopes the community will grow to create stadium partnerships in the future: “We want to help clubs improve the ‘fan experience’, taking inspiration from what is being done abroad. In Germany people come very early before the game and leave very late after the game. The game itself is just part of the experience.”

The Stadium Traveler app is free and available on all devices. A premium version will also be offered. For €1.99 per month you can create a personalized module in which the supporter can place their ticket for the stadium, as well as other functionalities.

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