Women in the financial world | Succession: beyond numbers and investments

Noberta Faustin, Caroline Côté and Alicia Kucharska, among others, share the qualities of being dynamic and involved. These three women are finalists for the Rising Stars Award, which will be presented at AFFQ’s annual gala. Overview in three portraits.

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Involved in the community, Noberta Faustin uses her love of numbers to help others. In her spare time, the Chief Director, Market Risk, of Investissement PSP, who has worked in finance for nearly 20 years, offers voluntary math tutoring to elementary and middle school students struggling with the subject.

Mathematics is abstract. What I like is to bring them back to everyday life. There is math in everything we do. To understand them better, we have to adapt them to our reality, and most of the time it works.

Noberta Faustin, Chief Director, Market Risk, Investissement PSP

Born in Haiti, Noberta Faustin grew up in a family that ran a retail store and was drawn to business since childhood. She arrived in Montreal in 2004 after university studies in mathematics and engineering in France.

Rich in long experience, she now likes to share it with others. As a manager, she is motivated by coaching and developing her team of nine employees. She is also committed to the advancement of women in finance and, as a mother, in raising her two teenage sons.

Taking new roads

Behind her neat image of Vice President of Funds, Private Markets at the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec (CDPQ), Caroline Côté is a go-getter.

“I dare to take unusual paths to move things forward,” she says. For me it is important to take action and achieve concrete results. †

She has been a CDPQ employee for 20 years and one year in her current position. She describes herself as a co-worker.

“As a leader, I like to bring people together, create a climate of trust and goodwill, so that everyone enjoys their work. †

Due to its environment exposed to the relatively young business world, this inhabitant of the Côte-Nord loves numbers, but also the human side of business.


Caroline Côté, Vice-President, Funds, Private Markets, Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec

The relational and human aspect is very present in the investment world. Behind every entrepreneur there is always a story and passions.

Caroline Côté, Vice-President, Funds, Private Markets, Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec

For her, finances are a way to better understand the world we live in.

“My work at de Caisse brings together two passions: finance of course, but above all working with colleagues with diverse expertise. They allow me to understand what is happening in the international markets, which is essential to make the best decisions to pursue our mission of creating positive spin-offs for Quebec. It’s very stimulating. †

The stock market virus

Senior Investment Director, VC/PE investment funds at Investissement Québec since 2019, Alicia Kucharska wasn’t sure she was destined for a career in finance, but her studies at HEC Montréal changed the game.


Alicia Kucharska, Senior Investment Manager, VC/PE Investment Funds at Investissement Québec

I still remember the first time I had the opportunity to get a foothold in HEC Montréal’s trading space. I was fascinated by all the state of the art equipment and the screens showing the stock price in real time. Then I knew I wanted to pursue a finance career.

Alicia Kucharska, Senior Investment Manager, VC/PE Investment Funds at Investissement Québec

Describing herself as analytical and rational, this hyperactive has served on numerous boards of directors, including two years as chairman of the FQ Women’s Entrepreneurship Fund, a $19 million fund that aims to support female entrepreneurship by providing loans.

But beyond the numbers, Alicia Kucharska is also an artist at heart and a globetrotter. Music lover, passionate about jazz and classical music, plays piano, clarinet and takes pictures, mainly of fauna and flora. Curious to discover new cultures, she has visited 25 countries, including the most recent Mauritius. Next destination: Antarctica!

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