Université de Moncton places positions reserved for women and minorities

It is common for institutions to have inclusion policies to promote the recruitment and integration with equal competence of members of underrepresented communities.

For example, the Université de Moncton writes in several of its vacancies that it encourages applications from any qualified person, female or male, including Aboriginal people, persons with disabilities and members of visible minorities.

What’s different this time is that these two job postings go further by adding a passage that immediately excludes applications that are not aimed at minority communities.

The aim, according to the vacancy, is: meet the equality and diversity goals required by the Canada Research Chairs Program

These passages appear in the vacancies for professor of ecotoxicology and professor of sexual violence intervention.

It’s to get scholarships, university says

Can a white man with no disability get the jobs advertised? NoVice Principal Elizabeth Dawes responds.

No, because the university cannot get the chair [de recherche du Canada] unless you hit the targets. It is the limitation that is imposed on us. We have deadlines and we have to meet goalsshe explains.

If we choose not to meet the criteria, we simply won’t get any subsidies.

A quote from Elizabeth Dawes, Associate Vice-Rector, Academic and Faculty Affairs

The campus of the University of Moncton in Shippagan.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Wildinette Paul

By excluding certain profiles, does the job offer discriminate? The vice-rector declined to answer the question directly.

However, she points out that in several sectors, women and visible minorities are largely under-represented and that a way needs to be found to include them in the institution.

In our science faculty, we have less than 15% of professors who are women, while women represent the majority of female students in the faculty.she explains to illustrate the importance of the issue. There is under-representation in some areas

The Université de Moncton website lists eight professorship positions. Six are accessible to everyone.

It’s awkward according to the Green Party

Kevin Arseneau of the Green Party finds the two vacancies at the Université de Moncton uncomfortable.

There is a positive intention to ensure greater representation of minorities, but this is the way to achieve it [le problème]he says.

Kevin Arseneau answers questions in a Legislative Assembly corridor.

Kevin Arseneau, MP for Kent North, on December 9, 2021 in Fredericton.

Photo: CBC/Jacques Poitras

However, he says he wants to be careful not to adopt a simple position for a complex issue† According to him, it is a pity to apply positive discrimination in this way.

I don’t care if there isn’t another white man picking himself up from the University of Moncton. (…) We have plenty of opportunities in society. [L’important]that is the social discussion we are going to have about it.

A quote from Kevin Arseneau, Member of Parliament for the Green Party

Kevin Arseneau also questions federal grants that require representation goals and which he says encourage universities to post such job openings.

The postings of the Université de Moncton show that they want to respect the goals of the Canada Research Chair of the federal government.

support liberals

The interim leader of the Liberal Party of New Brunswick says he is in favor of the way the vacancies are published.

Roger Melanson indicates that he is commendable that the Université de Moncton is committed to greater diversity among its staff. (…) we support measures to ensure that university staff reflect this reality.

Provincial Secretary of Post-Secondary Education Trevor Holder also responded with a statement. It indicates that the university manages its human resources independently.

At the end of March, similar vacancies at Laval University in Quebec caused a stir in the National Assembly. Quebec politicians then unanimously criticized Laval University’s job offer.

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