Quebec and France denounce “the excesses associated with cancellation culture”

This is briefly what the French and Quebec education ministers jointly proclaim in an open letter obtained by Radio-Canada entitled The school for freedom, against obscurantism

Jean-Michel Blanquer and Jean-François Roberge denounce the excess and the excesses of this ideology and methods imported directly from certain American college campuses and a thousand miles from the values ​​of respect and tolerance on which our democracies are based

A movementthey say, who? is a breeding ground for all the extremes that threaten the cohesion of our societies

Both ministers refer directly to the thousands of books destroyed, some of which were burned and buried by an Ontario school board. A ceremony of purification by flame was organized in 2019.

This story, revealed by Radio-Canada, went viral and sparked the outrage of many politicians.

The banishment of personalities, shows and conferences, social media bullying, censorship, submission of science to ideology, erasure of history to the burning of books are all attacks on freedom of speech and civic responsibility, which take us back to the most obscurant times of our western societies.

A quote from Jean-Michel Blanquer and Jean-Francois Roberge

Jean-Michel Blanquer and Jean-François Roberge met in October 2019 during the French minister’s visit to Montreal.

Photo: Quebec Ministry of Education

A pernicious influence

In their eyes, the refusal to be exposed to opposing points of view shows a worrying decline in the democratic spirit† So there would be a growing unease with debate and dialogue† A phenomenon That affects France as much as Quebecthey write.

According to Jean-Michel Blanquer and Jean-François Robberge it is necessary fight at all costs against the radicalization of positions and the culture of intolerance and erasurebut also against the pernicious influence of this culture.

It is not by renouncing who we are or by ignoring where we come from, as claimed by the “murderers of memory”, that we can celebrate progress and project ourselves into the future.

A quote from Jean-Michel Blanquer and Jean-Francois Roberge

The school, they say, would be a… primordial bulwark against ignorance and obscurantism

A meeting of young people will be organized by the governments of Quebec and France to debate these issues together with intellectuals

A French initiative

This desire to write an open letter signed by representatives of France and Quebec comes from Paris. When our minister heard the news of the burnt books in the French media, our minister approached his counterpart in Quebec and offered him a joint speechexplains a spokesperson for Jean-Michel Blanquer.

This one obscurantism come complicate the work of teachers, Jean-François Robberge laments, at Radio-Canada. In France, as in Quebec, he notes: we see that there is a certain culture of exile that actually prevents us from fulfilling the mission of the school. We want schools where freedom of speech is queen

Wokism brought Trump to power, Blanquer says

Last week, Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer caused controversy in France by evoking the term awake, which, however, does not appear in this open letter.

France and its youth must escape until wokismhe told the newspaper the World (New window)In the United States, this ideology was able to bring Donald Trump to power through reactionthe French minister stated, while confirming that he was not obsessed with wokism

I’m just against the idea of ​​our young people being offered to approach social life through a competition of resentment.

Tipped as candidates for next spring’s presidential election, Éric Zemmour, sometimes described as a French Donald Trump, and Xavier Bertrand have also strongly denounced this ideology.

In Quebec, this term was also adopted by Prime Minister François Legault last month. The latter had qualified the co-head of Quebec Solidaire, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, for wake, before giving his own definition of the word.

For François Legault, a awake is someone who sees discrimination everywhere

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