Krystel looks back on her triumphant journey at Star Académie

Last Sunday was the grand final of Star Academy† After being protected by the teaching staff during her previous threats, Krystel was able to see all the admiration that the public also has for her as they voted her the big winner of the 2022 vintage. It must be said that the young woman is an impressive version. from the play I’m just a song, written by Diane Juster and popularized by Ginette Reno. Interview with Krystel a few minutes after her big coronation!

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Krystel, what does this win mean to you?
It’s a huge gift that the public has given me tonight. It confirms to me that I did well to make certain sacrifices to get to the Academy. Now I know more than ever that this job is for me. And knowing that the audience is behind me touches me. Be the second woman to win Star Academy is also very symbolic; it is an even greater gift. In 2022, women can choose for themselves and achieve great things.

Photo: Eric Myre

Throughout his career, Eloi obtained the voice of the public during each of his threats. Did you think you had a chance to win?
Frankly, I told myself I had to give everything tonight and that what had to be done would be done. I think I managed to touch the hearts of the public and I want to thank you. It’s huge for me to have the recognition of this one. To me, this is more important than any price. It is certain that people will see me on stage again. I don’t know where yet, but I will definitely continue to sing for people.

What do you want to say to Eloi?
Oh, Eloi! My friend, my little brother… I’m so proud of him! Every week he outdid himself. It’s not for nothing that he made it to the final and that the audience loved him so much! I wish him to pursue his dream. I know he wants to make a living from music and singing to people, and I’m sure he will. I can’t wait to see him again and go on tour with him. It will be great for both of us to do this show together!

Exactly, what can we expect from this show signed Krystel and Eloi?
I think there will be a lot of land because it’s part of both of our backgrounds and it’s what we love to do. We are also inspired by what we listen to. I saw us singing a few of Eloi’s compositions. We still have time to think about it; it’s not for now, even though i know it will be soon! I can not wait.

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You are preparing to find your life and your loved ones. What will you do first?
I can’t wait to hang out with my daughter Elizabeth and enjoy every moment with her to make up for lost time. She has grown so much in a few months! I want to find her in her daily life and see every little change. Right now she’s only two and a half so she doesn’t understand what’s going on, but I think in 10 or 15 years she will realize the sacrifice I made for us. To deprive myself of her for three months was horrible, but it was really for her that I did it. I wanted to prove to him that you have to chase your dreams and make them come true.

It must have been hard for you the last few months…
Yes, but luckily I have a wonderful family that was there to support my friend and my daughter. So I was able to develop at the Academy without breaking my head, because I knew my daughter was well surrounded. Despite everything, I sometimes had to do a little soul-searching and remind myself why I wanted to do it Star Academy† I wanted to realize my dream and prove to my daughter that anything is possible. The door is open: she too can do what she wants with her life.

Why did you choose the room? I’m just a song for the final?
This song describes my journey to Star Academy† I undressed on the biggest stage in Quebec, I surrendered myself body and soul and people got to know me. Every word of this song made me tremble inside; I couldn’t have found a better one to perform for the final. I know it was quite a challenge to get a beautifully sung song from Ginette Reno, but I wanted to raise the bar every week.

How do you foresee the sequel?
For now I just can’t wait to go home, be with my family and get some rest. I gotta let this all sink in… Do a reality show like Star Academy, is to live surrounded by people and in front of the cameras. It will do me good to find my little bubble. I want to go back to basics and then start better.

What are your professional plans?
There will of course be the tour with Eloi, but I don’t know yet what my reality will be like outside the Academy. Sure, it’s reassuring to know that the public is behind me. It gives me even more confidence and forces me to invest even more to give back to the public.

How is the Krystel I’m talking to today different from the one who entered the Academy?
Early Krystel knew she had talent, but had very little self-confidence. Over the course of the show, thanks to the teachers and the other academics, I really managed to build my confidence and sometimes assume that I chose myself in life. It paid off for me to be able to be free and be myself.

Photo: Julien Faugere

Lara Fabian has been an ally to you on your journey…
Yes. We are two singers with voice, and I think she understood me on this aspect. That said, Lara has loved with everyone. I am so glad I got to receive all of his advice. Not only did I perform remarkably Star Academy† Lara was there to guide me and help me improve. And it was the same with Guylaine and Gregory. I was blessed to be so well framed!

Finally, who says win Star Academy, said to make an album. What kind of album can we expect?
It might sound like country pop rock. Country is a style I feel good about. That said, I’m also going to ride the wave and see what happens!

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Happy Parents!

Photo: Julien Faugere

Krystel’s parents, Constance Roy and François Mongeau, all laughed to see their daughter win Star Academy† “I am very moved, very happy and very proud of her; she really deserves it. Krystel has lived so long to perform. She was very small and she was already dreaming about it!” said his mother. “From birth she cried really hard, and we realized she had a good voice! She picked up the microphone at the age of three. Her passion soon became apparent and she never stopped working to make her dream come true,” her father concluded.

“It’s so beautiful everything that happens!” – Her husband

Photo: Julien Faugere

Krystel’s wife, Pier-Luc Gaulin-Lussier, was delighted to see the woman of his life take the highest honour. “It’s been a tough few months, so to see her win makes me really happy. It’s all very rewarding! We made sacrifices, but it was worth it. It’s so beautiful what is happening that we don’t regret anything.

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Words from teachers

Photo: Eric Myre

“Krystel never gave up, she worked hard until the last minute and it paid off. She is proof that if you have a dream, a passion, you have to believe in it. She is a woman of great courage!” — Guylaine

“From start to finish, Krystel was an example of hard work and dedication. Her courage, her sacrifices and her will to prove that she belonged in the spotlight have made her journey something very inspiring. That’s nice to watch.” —Lara

“Krystel worked hard and sacrificed a lot to get the win. Tonight she gave a fantastic performance, and the audience recognized it. That said, being a good artist doesn’t take anything away from others: Eloi also improved a lot at the Academy and he had a very good career! — Gregory

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