In May, the Pope invites young people to pray for their faith

In this month of May, the Pope’s prayer intention is dedicated to young boys and girls around the world. Francis asks for “courage” and to “listen”. He urges people to live full lives, fruit of the gift of self in the service of others, and to speak with grandparents: “Their wisdom makes it possible to overcome the problems of the moment”. This is the first video of a triptych in which the family and the elderly are central.

Salvatore Cernuzio – Vatican City

Listenmaintenance“, but most of all”courage“because if we want”build something new, a better worldyou have to take risks. Pope Francis calls on new generations to be creative and enthusiastic in the video message revealing his prayer intention dedicated to the “faith of the young” in this month of May. He wants young people to be able to draw a different future, which is not marked by all kinds of dramas, in the first place that of war. At the same time, the Pope encourages dialogue with the elderly and calls for greater involvement of young people in public space.

Triptych about young people, the family and the elderly

These wishes and recommendations are reminiscent of Christ livesthe apostolic exhortation published after the synod dedicated to young people, in which Francis stated:We need to create more spaces where young people’s voices can be heardThis request was already taken up in 2019 by the Dicastery for Laity, Family and Life, which established an international body representing young people to encourage their participation and co-responsibility in the particular Churches. It is precisely in collaboration with the Dicastery that the The Pope’s video came about this month, a video published this Tuesday by the Pope’s Global Prayer Network, is the first in a triptych of prayer intentions that will see the family in June and the elderly in July.

Mary’s example

In the video translated into 23 languages, with media coverage in 114 countries, the Pope points to Our Lady as an example and guide for new generations: “When I think of a role model that you young people can identify with, I always think of our Mother Mary. His courage, his ability to listen and his dedication to service


married”was courageous and determined to say “yes” to the Lord»† At the time, it was a risk to her. And “you young people who want to build something new, a better world, follow his example, take risks”, the Pope confirms, as images scroll by of a young girl trying to draw the Virgin’s face. †Remember that in order to follow Mary, you must discern and discover what Jesus wants from you, not what you think you can do.”

Talk to grandparents

In this discernment,a big helpis listening to the words of the grandparents. the, “you will find the wisdom that will take you beyond the troubles of the moment. They will put your worries in a bigger perspective

Again, the Pope wishes for an intergenerational alliance, fundamental to all of society. At the end of the video he prays that the boys and girls “called to a full life“can discover”the style of listening, the depth of discernment, the courage of faith and devotion to service»† And they can do this by turning to the Virgin Mary.

The link with the WYD in Lisbon

The reference to the Virgin links the Pope’s prayer intentions to the next World Youth Day to be celebrated in Lisbon in 2023, whose theme will be Marian, taken from a verse from the Gospel of Luke: “Mary got up and left eagerly” (Lk 1:39). †The whole journey of preparing for this event is an invitation to young people to stand up and help the world do so.says Father João Chagas, head of the youth bureau of the Lay, Family and Life Dicastery. †In his last message to young people, the Holy Father invited them to help each other to rise together and, at this difficult moment in history, to become prophets of new times, full of hope! May the Blessed Virgin Mary intercede for us»

The elderly help the young

For Father Frédéric Fornos SJ, International Director of the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network, a pontifical work with a youth section (the Eucharistic Youth Movement), with this month’s prayer intention, in the context of Elsewhere in the Synodal Process, Francis wants to emphasize the importance of underline the training of young people in discernment. †In Mary’s way, how can we help young people to listen, discern, recognize the Lord’s call and serve in today’s world? This is certainly where the role of the elderly comes into play, who can help them with this.

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