In football, Soligny / Les Aspres / Moulins seniors don’t fall for Damigny

SAM’s U18s after qualifying for the last stages of the Orne Cup ©DR


There was a set in Moulins-la-Marche with four teams: US Mêloise, US Alençon, FC Argentan and SAM Football. The first game against US Alençon ended with a victory for the blues (2-0) with a goal from Evans and Raphaël H.. A good mood of Johan’s players was present with a lot of commitment and the will to do well after these last complicated weeks. It’s a deserved win.

The second game against US Mêloise ends in a draw (1-1) against a great team. The goal comes from Raphaël H. from a direct free kick. The blues are equalized in the final moments of the match.

The third and final match against FC Argentan ended in a draw (0-0). The beautiful Argentinian team got them into trouble. Note the good defensive solidarity of the players and especially a special mention to Malvin (goalkeeper) who was unstoppable during this match. It was a good set for the U11s, we need to continue to perform in this direction to finish this season in style.


The blues move to Courteille in a championship game. They have mastered the first half well, that is of quality, SAM lets the ball pass well.

Enzo managed to find Justin via a free kick and push the ball into the back of the net. This only goal comes in the first period.

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Returning from the locker room, the blues took a bit more of a hit, until they took refuge in their half of the field for almost the entire half-time. The opponents’ repeated attacks and the blues’ inability to put their foot on the ball lead them to the foul. It is a hand foul in the area during stoppage time for the locals, allowing them to convert their penalty. A complicated match without defender Mathys, which prevented them from developing their game.


An Orne cup match against the Entente Sainte-Gauburge / Gacé was on the program. It was absolutely necessary to win in this match to get out of the group and participate in the knockout stage.

Done with a 2-0 win, SAM takes this match very seriously and it makes sense that Lucas manages to trick the keeper with a shot at the entrance to the area.

The first half was mediocre, jerky in the attacking game, partly due to a good defense by Sainte-Gauburge.

The second period is one-sided, the greens undergo waves of blue attacks and it is at the end of a good play that Enzo manages to deceive the keeper for the second time in the match. The score could have been worsened, but it stays there. Final score 2-0. An important victory for morale after these last difficult weeks.

Seniors: SAM – Damigny 4-2

There was a journey to a poorly classified championship with the ambition to continue the good dynamics of the return phase.

The first half is average, probably due to an absence of games for three weeks. The blues is rough and lacks accuracy in the placement and use of the ball. The opener is for the opponent who scores on a counterattack. The reaction is immediate and on his first successful move, Louis Sofyan finds Ghachi cheating the keeper.

SAM pushes and accentuates the score through the newcomer, Romain Lerine. The second period is a little more controlled, but the locals come back to score on another counterattack. The Blues keep pushing and with a free kick Johan lets the Blues play in favor. At the end of the game, Romain Lerine doubled up and brought the team to safety to avoid falling into the trap.

Next week’s program: Wednesday 4 May there will be a set in Rai with the U7’s; Saturday 7 May there will be a set in Mêle-sur-Sarthe for the U9’s, a set in Argentan for the U11’s; the reception of Mortagne-au-Perche in the U13 competition; On Sunday 8 May, the seniors will receive Condé-sur-Huisne in the Orne Cup.

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