FW22 Paris Fashion Week Men’s Gimmicks

While the outdoors continues to anchor itself in the everyday wardrobe and the 90s look hasn’t said the last word yet, other strong stylistic elements set the tone for the season. List of stylistic iterations of Parisian Fashion Week for Men, Fall-Winter 22-23.

Elegant tied collar

Credit: Kid Super (image via representative agency), Steven Passaro (image via Caroline Charles Communication), Casablanca (image via Karla Otto).

It is a trend that is needed. From Hermès to KidSuper through Casablanca, the models wore panels of fabric elegantly tied around their necks. Whether it’s silky scarves or long tie collars, the idea is the same: to bring the headwear to majesty by daring the dandy spirit even (especially) on a streetwear silhouette.

Preppy on key

Credits: Egonlab (image via Lucien Pagès), Kenzo, Maison Mihara Yasuhiro (image via Purple Pr), Casablanca (image via Karla Otto).

It’s the return of preppy style. David Shah, forecaster and founder of View Publications, had already talked about it at a conference in November 2021, now it is making itself felt within the FW22-23 collections. Tie, blazer and long overcoat, all codes of the preppy style can be found next winter, associated with each other or as an isolated reference, combined with outdoor pieces. Nigo, Kenzo’s new Artistic Director, winked at it by taking inspiration from Ivy League imagery and the clothing traditions of young Americans.

Supposed Tracksuit

Credit: Casablanca, Pigalle (obcm image by Cyril Gaborit), Kitsuné.

The sporty tracksuit has long been an integral part of everyday life, but this season the designers emphasize one point in particular: the flashy side. Whether it’s a strong color or an all-over print, jogging and sports sweater/jacket should be prominent.

Turtleneck for warmth

Credits: Bianca Saunders (image via Purple Pr), Pigalle (image via obcm, by Cyril Gaborit), Hermès (image via Bureau Verloo by Dham Srifuengfung),

The neck is warmly covered the following winter and this desire for warmth leads to a renewed connection with the elegance of the turtleneck sweater. The pleats to the chin were featured on many brands during Paris Fashion Week, including Hermès, Egonlab and Bianca Saunders, Loewe. Also note: the multiple standing and sliding collars at Y/Project and Lemaire.

Layered overall look

Credits: Y/Project (image via Lucien Pagès), Isabel Marant (image via KCD Paris, Blommers & Schumm), Maison Mihara Yasuhiro (image via Purple Pr).

The multi-layered games take over the outfit to define the look: a slightly messy but never skimpy style. Preview at Y/Project in ultra-protective versionIsabel Marant 90’s style and Maison Mihara Yasuhiro on tailoring.

Cargo pants these new chinos

Credit: Dior, Kenzo, Maison Mihara Yasuhiro (Image via Purple Pr).

The cargo pants, which have been around for several seasons, went astray with their loose cut and their cuffed pockets on many Parisian catwalks and in different variations: denim, canvas, milleraies velvet, baggy or loose cut. We saw the utilitarian silhouette most notably in the fall-winter 2022 collections from Dior, Kenzo, Y/Project, Egonlab, agnès b. and Mihara Yasuhiro house.

Bye sequins

EgonLab (image via Lucien Pagès), Pigalle (image via obcm by Cyril Gaborit), Acne Studios

Sequins or sequins, the lightness of a light suit was welcomed during a Paris Fashion Week that was still under hygienic measures. Floor-length coat embroidered with sequins at Egonlab, a blue sequined jacket at Pigalle, and a turquoise sequined shirt at Acne Studio. The interest here is to combine these sparkly pieces with everyday materials and clothing. On this subject, Jonny Johansson, creative director of Acne Studios, stated in a press release: “I was interested in the contrast of textures and materials, which gives a very creative and personal impression to the wearer (…) I like this contrast between the rustic and the festive”.

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