Fkih Ben Salah: INDH fully mobilized to prevent early school leaving in rural areas

Wednesday 4 May 2022 at 14:58

Fkih Ben Salah – In Fkih Ben Salah, the National Initiative for Human Development (INDH) is making sustained efforts to prevent and combat early school leaving, a phenomenon that is more prevalent in rural areas and affects both girls and boys.

In order to break the spiral of school waste in this province with strong rural dominance, the INDH services in Fkih Ben Salah operate two main levers that facilitate students’ access to education, namely school transport and the Maisons d students.

To this end, the Provincial Human Development Committee (CPDH) of Fkih Ben Salah has allocated significant financial resources during the three phases of the INDH to support the implementation of projects contributing to the development of the Dour Talib and Taliba networks, as well as to the fleet of school transport buses in all municipalities of the province.

By establishing a school transport service for students in rural areas, the main aim of the INDH is to facilitate access to educational institutions, combat early school leaving, promote schooling and improve schooling conditions for students, especially girls.

The goal pursued by the establishment of dormitories is also to provide students from rural areas with reception structures that aid in learning, success and academic excellence.

In this regard, Larbi Bouaabidi, the head of the Social Action Department (DAS) of the prefecture of Fkih ben Salah province, Larbi Bouaabidi, stated in a statement to M24, the continuous news channel of MAP, that school transport and Dour Talib and Taliba are effective tools in the fight against early school leaving in rural areas, noting that the CPDH of Fkih Ben Salah attaches all necessary importance to the education of students in the best possible conditions, hence the considerable effort made in recent years to break the infernal spiral of school dropout.

Fkih Ben Salah’s CPDH has mobilized significant funds to finance the purchase of school buses due to the lack of means of transport for students who have to travel long distances between their residence and their place of study.

During Phase III alone, the INDH funded the purchase of 20 school buses in Fkih Ben Salah province for more than 5.76 million dirhams, Mr Bouaabidi said.

In the province of Fkih Ben Salah, the INDH has contributed in total to the purchase of a fleet of 60 school transport buses that today benefit 3,600 students who attend school in different educational institutions, spread over all the territorial municipalities of the province.

These school buses travel thousands of kilometers daily through all the territorial communities of the province to transport the students between their homes and their schools, he added, pointing out that the establishment of a transport service for schools as well as Douar Talib and Taliba for the benefit of students in rural areas and remote areas has made it possible to significantly improve school indicators at the provincial level.

In the first two phases, INDH contributed to the construction of eight student houses in Fkih Ben Salah province, in collaboration with the National Mutual Aid, the Provincial Directorate of National Education, local authorities and civil society associations. These structures benefit more than 2,800 students from rural areas by offering them reception, catering and also tutoring courses.

However, Mr Bouaabidi noted that the INDH’s intervention in phase III is limited to support the management of student housing, noting that the grants awarded over the past three years amount to more than 2.4 million dirhams.

In Fkih Ben Salah, school transport and student housing have made a major contribution to promoting the education of children in rural areas. Many students, especially girls, have been rescued from school drop-out and continue their studies today in dignified conditions and within adequate and highly motivating learning spaces.

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