Cops prepared to fight bullying between children

[Orvault (Loire-Atlantique) 625 agents, 27 200 hab.] “Our officers had observed situations of harassment between children. They were helpless. Ultimate situation: the parents asked for a change of structure, “explains Thierry Vasse, deputy director general “children’s education” of the city of Orvault. The law against bullying at school of March 2, 2022 sets new obligations in the field of training.From 2019, the city trained its teams to combat this scourge.

“We always tackle bullying from the point of view of the child. This topic needs to be addressed with the communities and the associative world, because it is not just about National Education,” adds Thierry Vasse. Orvault has two workouts planned.

The first, four days, organized by the Regional Agency for Education and Health Promotion (Ireps) of the Pays de la Loire, enabled the monitoring teams to strengthen psychosocial skills in their professional practices. The purpose of the second is to acquire a common method: shared concern. Project managers, department heads and site supervisors were trained by Jean-Pierre Bellon, director of the Center for Resources and Systems Studies against Bullying in School (Resis).

Team cohesion

The equipped agents then train their colleagues to ensure consistency. Focus: responsiveness and training adapted to the situations encountered, the composition of each team and the mobility of agents. For Céline Charbonneau, Head of After-School Time: “We use team meetings to train new supervisors. Sharing a common method creates team cohesion.

The school climate is calmer. “The only downside for the manager”, “we are taken care of by the daily management. A regular booster injection, with training time on positive education, would be a plus.” These training courses “are integrated into the city’s three-year training plan”, explains Patricia Deniaud, responsible for training and professional development.

Educational Community

“Every year we make an inventory of the training needs. If there was a vulnerability on this topic, I would have a lot more requests. “The city is approached by associations: “We are expanding into an educational community as soon as possible. It’s a change of attitude”, Thierry Vasse rejoices.

What the CNFPT Offers

The National Center for Territorial Public Service offers approximately fifteen two-day inter-community courses annually as part of its national offering. Emmanuel Cartoux, Head of the Population Service, “Training” Adviser to the Pays de la Loire Delegation of CNFPT underlines the increase in regional demand and explains “to organize at least five intra-sessions every year for different communities. Intratraining is relevant, because the approach and the tools presented are operational and can be adapted within the teams.” A webinar on bullying between children is accessible through the e-communities. Cyberbullying will be the subject of a future webinar.

“We complement the education teams”

Matthew Bompas

“I have developed a certain expertise”, explains Mathieu Bompas, project manager “global education project” at the city and trainer for the CNFPT† I am trained to support cases of harassment. I now intervene to train the agents of the city. If necessary, I can also help local actors who request it. I lead trainings organized by the CNFPT to raise awareness and equip educational staff regarding bullying between children. There is a need to train territorial agents: sports educators, Atsem, the tutors. We see that communities have a role to play. We are complementary to the education teams. I approach, in training, the method of shared care because it is deployed by the National Education [elle consiste à s’entretenir individuellement avec les élèves harceleurs, sans les blâmer, afin qu’ils prennent conscience d’un problème pour les élèves harcelés et proposent des solutions pour que cesse ce harcèlement, ndlr]† †

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