Coach Jean-Pierre Papin extends the adventure at C’Chartres Football

As the end of the championship approaches, synonymous with the end of the contract for Jean-Pierre Papin, nothing has been signed yet. But the 58-year-old coach must retain the reins of C’Chartres Football for the third consecutive season in National 2. “Of course I’ll stay?! For me, the question doesn’t even come up,” claims the 1991 Ballon d’Or.

When I agreed to come, my goal was to get Chartres into National and I’m going to do everything I can to get there.

After a first drill that was stopped in October by the covid and then a second in which his team failed to fight to the end with Versailles, officially promoted since this weekend, three days after the end, the former OM star striker believes and the Blues that he failed to complete his mission with the CCF.

C’Chartres Football sinks in Caen

“When I agreed to come, my goal was to take Chartres to the National and I will do everything I can to get there. Make that clear?! At the beginning we agreed for two years, one + one. The first year there was the covid, so I have another year to take up the challenge,” continues Jean-Pierre Papin.

When Jean-Pierre Papin, the coach of C’Chartres Football, becomes a goalkeeper

The coach says he wants to stay on the banks of the Eure and his chairman, Gérard Soler, wants to keep him too. “In spirit, we’ve been in agreement for a while. In the past six months we found what we needed. We will continue the adventure. We share a lot of things, we want to continue together’, says the boss of the CCF.

In post since the club’s birth resulting from the merger between Chartres Horizon and FC Chartres, in 2018, he is confident that JPP will achieve its goals after a frustrating season. This exercise was marked by a failure for entry, with no fewer than 9 defeats in 27 days, and a elimination in the 32nd final of the Coupe de France against Chauvigny (N3), after which OM fell.

premium “The double penalty”, admits Jean-Pierre Papin, coach of C’Chartres Football, after being eliminated from the Coupe de France

“We would be a lambda club, it would have been a good season,” says Soler. For us it is not enough, because we want higher. But otherwise we see that something is changing at Jean-Pierre. He pushed something, he gives a real place to our young people and that was one of the priorities when the club was founded. †

With which staff?

In a season when certain choices – whether or not attributable to JPP – raised questions, a dozen players from Chartres got on well together and a boy like Jérémy Francou came to light.

It remains to be seen which place they will get at the beginning of the school year. Because after having welcomed ten recruits this year, the N2 group could again be largely adapted in the summer. The individual interviews, to be launched soon, will allow to find out.

premium Thierry Bocquet joins the C’Chartres Football staff with coach Jean-Pierre Papin

Another unknown topic is the composition of the future workforce. To see if Thierry Bocquet, appointed in January as assistant and occupied by technical director Kader Chehida until September, will keep his position. In the meantime, one thing is almost certain, it is with the popular JPP as head coach that the CCF will try again to join the National.

Franck Thebault

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