young people are preparing their future at Luxexpo

Students should be able to discover in one day all the possibilities available to them for their future choices. That is in any case the aim of the country’s first Scholfoire.

Today we have a very diversified offer, now we have to invest in guidance”, Claude Meisch, Minister of National Education, Children and Youth, insisted several times yesterday on the occasion of the first Scholfoire in the country at Luxexpo The Box. being able to see all the offers out there at a certain time and in one place.” An opportunity that was missing in previous years.

A group of young girls calls her, happy to meet in the aisles, at the booth dedicated to the ministry, the person it embodies. Soon it is Claude Meisch who takes the hand and seizes the opportunity to ask the students: “Why are you here, what do you want to do?”, an opportunity to take the pulse of the event. “They are already in contact with a secondary school, they have a very precise idea of ​​what they want to do,” sums up the minister.

In about fifty workshops, students from all over the country were able to try out their talents in about thirty fields. Photo

Many classes are pacing on the YEP (Youth, Education, Occupations) Schoulfoire scholarship, 240 in total that will come during the three days, during school hours, ie 6250. One hundred sixty-one elementary classes have booked a high school presentation of their choice.

“I am very proud of this very diverse educational landscape that is increasingly suited to the different cultures, languages ​​and populations of the country with more and more schools, projects, sections adapted to meet the different needs. There are also all kinds of training options,” says the minister. “We no longer live in the time when we left school, there were only three options, now there are endless possibilities.”

To take full advantage of them, you still need to know them, a role these three days must fulfill. “It’s about those who go from primary to secondary school, with music, sports or even language classes… As well as those who leave high school for the next cycle, to a more academic or professional path.”

Will the parents be there?

“For the first time, we have a quarter of the cycles of the fourth year,” delights Luc Belling, who is responsible for organizing the platform for Script, which works with the Ministry in creating the show. “We also have quite a few fifths who also deal with orientation. At the moment we have a lot of people in school time. The test will be whether the offer is also interesting for parents, if they travel in the afternoon, especially on Tuesday afternoon. Because registration or reservation is not necessary for individuals to come.

What is considered to be the biggest school and trade event this year is spread over 17,000 m2 in three different rooms. In the first, the noise is hellish, but it indicates that many young people are working, be it in construction, mechanics or landscaping…

Electric saw, hammers, pencils to draw floral pictures, warm up on the occasion of the national competition of crafts and professionals LuxSkills. In the other rooms, the ministry, its services, its government services and its projects are presented, as well as secondary schools from all over the country.

An apprenticeship fair, the Léierplazendag, should also enable many young people to find their place. About fifty discovery workshops are offered.

Nearly 6,250 students are enrolled at Yep Schoulfoire until tomorrow. Photos: Julien Garroy

Elsewhere, young women are getting facials, what better way to get convinced by an education in the beauty industry. On the other hand, it is the firefighters who are represented or even the communication circles.

Clara Dos Santos (17) and Mariana Lopes (16), from Ettelbruck Technical School, did not quite find the information that interested them about their professional project, Nursing Assistant. “But we were able to discover other professions, such as hairdressers or police.”

Tests that reinforced their choice. Their friend, Carolina Da Silva (15), wants to become a teacher, the latter has found all the necessary advice and she too is more than ever sure of her choice. Their class stayed from 9am to 2pm, enough to explore the entire platform independently.

The youngsters leave with their hands full of goodies, self-made objects and their heads full of information and dreams for the future.

Technology sectors that are often overlooked

One of the workshops offered is that of the makerspace of the Guillaume-Kroll high school which attracts young people with a badge around their neck on which the students can write and mark their first name thanks to a colored LED.

“We have different activities, 3D printing, laser cutting and electronics that are always part of the creation to develop this part. Many are afraid to start its activities, they have to be taken there ”, explains Maurizio Spagnuolo, a computer science teacher. “We were one of the first makerspaces in the country five or six years ago when we started.” An extracurricular activity around technology that appeals to future high school students.

Fabiano Alessandro, in his third year at the University of Reims, came to do an internship to become a computer science teacher. He helps guide the workshop and what better ambassador for the school since he went there himself as part of a BTS Cloud Computing.

“Thanks to these studies, I can now go to university.” He is delighted to show the young people who come to the workshop the possibilities of computers thanks to this small laboratory: “It’s not just the Internet.”

The sectors in technology be it IT, robotics, graphics, etc. are an important topic for the show as the latter are still poorly known due to their novelty. However, they offer a multitude of training courses in sectors that have a great future.

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