CF Montreal | Olivier Renard .’s “Positive Review”

CF Montreal enjoys the spring sun as a plant in the midst of photosynthesis. The team has been invincible for six games. She wins at home. She goes for big points on the road. His players are almost all healthy.

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Jean-François Teotonio

Jean-François Teotonio
The press

And in the quarter of the MLS season – yes, already – the Montreal eleven is in fourth place in the Eastern standings with 14 points.

“We remained calm, even with the three defeats at the beginning of the championship,” Olivier Renard welcomed the media at the Nutrilait Center on Monday.

The sports director of CF Montreal had invited the journalists to talk about this first leg of the season, before the training of Wilfried Nancy’s herd.

He also made a “positive estimate” of this start of the calendar, even if he wants to add a nuance.

The club may only be 4 points off the lead, they are also “4 points out of 13”and place”, the penultimate in the East.

“It’s a rather bizarre conference right now,” he says under a warm spring sun. We see good things, I notice that we even take points if we sometimes play less well than before. But sports are like that.

“We have suffered from injuries and illnesses of the players from the beginning,” Renard recalls. It weighed heavily in the workforce and even in the coach’s choice to select the 20 players. Now they are almost all back. mason [Toye] will be back with the band soon too. †

In terms of good news, this one is pretty high on the list.


Mason Toye

Mason Toye was the club’s top scorer in 2021 until his season-ending injury in August. The American had scored 7 goals in 14 games. Recovered for training camp, an adductor challenge again sidelined him in 2022.

But despite “the good things” the club has been doing lately, Renard insists the work is not done. He recalls the “big disappointment” that he failed to qualify for the play-offs in 2021, when the club started the season like this.

Because the main goal in 2022 in Montreal is to play beyond “Decision Day”, on October 9.

“As long as there are games to play and points to, we have to stay focused and not be satisfied.”

“I feel good here”

“Option number 1” for Renard is to stay with CF Montreal. The question was mainly on the agenda because the sporting director is in his last contract year with the club.

The team’s new president, Gabriel Gervais, told… The press in April that the organization planned to renew its “long-term” agreement with Renard.

“He believes in our project, he believes in our philosophy,” he explained. He wants to stay with us. †

It was a great opportunity to have the other version of the facts.

“We never communicated officially [sur mon contrat], suggests Renard. The situation is clear: I feel good here. I try to do the best possible work with the team, with the staff. The day the club wants to sit down with me, they’ll probably ask me. †

“We feel good here with the family, he slips. The most important thing is that I feel good and of course my door is open. †

“As a Designated Player”

We launch Renard at the release of the club’s most sparkling gold nugget in 2022: Djordje Mihailovic. What are the impressions of the sports director, who took him over from the Chicago Fire at the end of 2020?

“He plays like a designated player,” he laughs. It’s not going to help me in terms of the contract! But he still has years behind his paper that he signed. But it’s not good to look at that now, it’s too early. †


Djordje Mihailovic

A player of his caliber, with already 4 goals and 4 assists in 9 games, that attracts desire, doesn’t it?

“There are calls, the team leader admits. Not only for themselves, but also for others. It is normal that when a player performs well, it attracts attention.

“We will see. Football, it is clear that there is demand, supply, but also the desire of the player. It still weighs. If there are proposals, it is important to know what the player wants to do. »

And look, another good news: Mihailovic “has improved a lot” with his French, Renard says.

Serene with his staff

It is clear, who says sports director says transfer window† The MLS window closes on Wednesday.

If there are “opportunities” to move at CF Montreal, Renard underlines that “normally won’t happen”.

As we said, the workforce is nearly complete. “There is already an internal battle” for certain positions. And there is the money available… or vice versa, depending.

“We’re talking maybe just under $400,000,” Renard reveals transparently. It’s not money that people can use to tell themselves we’re going to get a Drogba. […] I’d rather put it aside and see what happens in July.

“Continuation of last season’s group, with the arrival of Alistair [Johnston] we are also convinced that we have a solid group. †

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