30 Years of Furiani Drama: A Week of Meditation

The commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the disaster that took place at the Furiani Stadium on May 5, 1992, which killed 19 people and injured more than 2300, will be celebrated with a mass on Thursday, as well as, during the week , through various sporting or cultural events

nineteen dead† 2.357 injured

And how much more, traumatized by this disaster unprecedented, the largest tragedy that the world jockbeyond that of footballhas known in France† A holiday, a semi-final of the Coupe de France that would oppose this May 5, 1992 the Bastia Sporting Club at theOlympic Marseille – which coincide with the upper part of the northern stand of the Armand-Cesari Stadium until furianicresulting in a vacuum of about 4,200 spectatorswith life, serious injuries, maiming, football fans of all ages who had come from all over Corsica, journalists mobilized in great numbers to report on this match at the top.

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A drama that many have witnessed on television, live, paralyzed by these images of a lawn transformed into a field hospital, then scrutinize them closely, watching the face of a loved one among the supporters who passed before the camera to celebrate their reassure family. At that time, there were no consumer cell phones, no social networks, and landlines were congested for hours on end.

A drama that owes nothing to fate, it’s the result of decisions that override safety rules in favor of… profit, a tangle of irresponsible behavior that led to two lawsuits.

These are years of struggle led by the collective of victims against oblivion and to obtain the sanctification of the date 5 May: on 14 October 2021, the House of Representatives ratified the fact that from now on professional football will no longer be played on that date. . date.

May 5, 1992 – May 5, 2022.

Thirty years separate these two dates. Despite the passage of time, Furiani’s drama is etched in the collective memory and in the hearts, both in Corsica and elsewhere. Etched forever.

Publication since Monday of a special issue, a 48-page magazine with many testimonials.  - Doc CM

Duty of Memory

This week is all about remembrance, meditation and solidarity as a tribute to those who are no longer there, in support of those who have been bruised in their flesh or have lost a family member. Like every year, but not like every year.

The symbolism of the duty to remember is even stronger during years with round numbers.

The commemorations of these thirty years are known “Calmer, calmer”, because of the Senate vote last October that ratified that of the National Assembly, which eight months earlier passed the bill passed by Haute-Corse deputy Michel Castellani. This was indicated by the President of the Collective of Victims of May 5, 1992, Josepha Guidicelli, during the presentation to the Furiani stela of the events organized with the support of various partners.

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This tribute began on April 22 with the inauguration of the artistic installations, one temporary (a floral composition), the other permanent (a blue and white sofa), made by students of the Simon-Vinciguerra college in Bastia, and on April 26 with a first awareness workshop led by the collective within the framework of the Fondaction program set up by the French Football Federation for young people in training centers (this first meeting took place at the ACA in Ajaccio).

This week will be marked by sporting events, a backdrop where more than 300 young football players come together and a souvenir match where former Sporting and OM players come together in a Squadra di u ricordu, and cultural events: screening from the film May 5 92 directed by Corinne Mattei, presentation of the theatrical object organized by Alexandre Oppecini, conference by psychiatrist Richard Rechtman and psychologist Joseph Agostini, video mapping on the old port of Bastia…

And of course this Thursday, May 5, two highlights: the meditation in front of the stela erected near the Furiani stadium and the mass celebrated in memory of the victims at the Sainte-Marie Cathedral in Bastia.

Corse morning, Like the other Corsican media, this tribute is associated with the publication since this Monday of a special issue, a 48-page magazine with numerous testimonials.

Not To Forget. So that such a tragedy never happens again. May more.

tuesday 3 may

8.30 pm, in the cultural space Charles-Rocchi in Biguglia: preview of the film May 5 92, a short film directed by Corinne Mattei.

Wednesday 4 May

Armand Cesari Stadium

From 10 am to 4 pm: youth platforms U8, U9, U10.

5:00 pm: screening of the film May 5 92

6 pm: Remembrance game with players who were part of the Sporting squad in 1992 and A Squadra di u ricordu with former SCB and OM footballers.

thursday may 5

4 pm: Meditation in front of the stele erected in honor of the victims near Furiani Stadium.

6 pm: Mass at the Sainte-Marie Cathedral in Bastia.

8.30 pm: screening of the film May 5 92 on Via Stella, Télé Paese and the Allindi platform.

Friday May 6

8.30 pm, at the Bastia Theatre: theatrical object staged by Alexandre Oppecini based on the testimonies of victims of the Furiani disaster.

Saturday 7 May

10:30 am, Una Volta Cultural Center in Bastia: conference on the theme “From the trauma of Furiani to the collective memory of today” by Richard Rechtman, anthropologist and psychiatrist, and Joseph Agostini, clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst.

From 8.30 pm to midnight, old port of Bastia: video mapping.

May 2-7

Exhibition of the Ghjuventù cerviuninca association in its premises, Avenue A Traversa, in Cervione.

Also to note

The film May 5 92 will also be screened on May 6 in Ajaccio, May 10 in San Giuliano, June 10 in Bonifacio. It will be presented on May 24 as part of the Cannes Film Festival. It has also partnered with the Peace and Sport association, based in Monaco and under the high patronage of Prince Albert II. On May 4th for the commemoration competition and on May 5th for the laying of wreaths at the foot of the stela, the children of the association Ghjuventù cerviuninca will perform maghju neru, a song dedicated to the victims of the tragedy written by Christophe Limongi, an artistic approach supported by the group L’Arcusgi. Radio Voce Nustrale will broadcast a special program on Thursday 5 May from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. A Squadra corsa will be linked to this tribute through friendly matches that will take place in the coming months.

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