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MATHEMATICS TEST. Apart from the common core, Mathematics has become a learning and special test for the Baccalaureate of 2022. Which subjects are covered in the exam scheduled between May 11-13?

This is a novelty of the Baccalaureate reform that surprised more than one: Mathematics is no longer part of the common core of the high school curriculum. The science subject nevertheless remains a test of the baccalaureate for secondary school students who have chosen to take the mathematics specialty subject in the first and last year. As part of the special tests, the math exam for the baccalaureate 2022 is due between 11 and 13 May. Many candidates should take the test as Mathematics is one of the most popular specialized courses for high school students as evidenced by a memorandum from the Ministry of National Education passed on by Studyrama. Like all subjects, math has its share of so-called easy subjects and more technical subjects that are often feared by candidates. What subjects are high school students assessed for the baccalaureate in mathematics? How to optimize revisions and how much time is left to prepare for the exam? Linternaute gives you details about the math test and some advice to pass the baccalaureate test.

When does the math specialization test take place?

According to the calendar of the baccalaureate exams, the special tests were to be held between the 14th and the 16th, but that was without taking into account the announcement by the Ministry of Education at the beginning of the year of postponing the tests to the month of May. All written tests for special classes will be organized between 11 and 13 May 2022. According to the first details, the math test will take place in the afternoon of 11 or 12 May between 2 and 6 PM, depending on the student. High school students have ten days to refine their revisions.

Which subjects for the math test?

For each bac test, candidates ask themselves the same question: what subjects are they assessed on? And as always, it is impossible to know the subjects of the exams with certainty. But this year, for each subject, the Department of Education made a distinction between themes likely to fall in the even-year baccalaureate session and those reserved for odd-year tests. The major or assessed themes remain on the baccalaureate program each year. Unfortunately, no classification is planned in Mathematics, so all subjects could potentially be on the menu for the 2022 Baccalaureate. All except those that are not intended to be graded in the Mathematics specialty test. Here is the list of themes that should not be discarded during revisions:

  • Manipulation of vectors, lines and planes of space
  • Orthogonality and distances in space
  • Parametric Representations and Cartesian Equations
  • follow-up
  • Function Limits
  • Additions to the distraction
  • Continuity of functions of a real variable
  • Logarithm function
  • Primitives, differential equations
  • Sequence of independent proofs, Bernoulli diagram

During the math specialty test, candidates have four hours to black out their copy. The test is divided into four exercises on different themes of the program and the high school student must choose to perform three of them. This modality is allowed by the regulations planned and announced by the Minister of National Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer, on January 28 and which “[garantissent] The candidate always has a choice, both between questions and between exercises”. To help the student in his choice, all subjects should specify the different themes.

When will the math test results be released?

Although the math test is organized one month before the written and oral exams French, philosophy and oral, the results could not be known until the publication of all results, namely July 5, 2022. Initially, the mark obtained in this test appeared in the Parcoursup- file, but with the postponement of the dates it is possible that the announcement of the results of the candidates will be postponed until the end of the baccalaureate.

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