The news, “we’re going to take him elsewhere,” says his new boss, Alexandre Taillefer

The Montreal businessman confirmed on Thursday that he had acquired News through Mishmash Media, a member of the Mishmash collective, which reports to the investment fund XPND Capital, of which he is the main partner. The terms of the transaction have not been disclosed.

Interviewed by Gérald Fillion from the show Economy RDAthe one best known for participating in the show In the eye of the dragon specifies that the paper publication of News is here to stay, that it does not intend to make the slightest compression and that it will not infringe on the editorial prerogatives.

Our strategy is to maintain a highly credible media source and see how we can build the relationships the media has had with its readers for years. There is a strong belief in the quality of the relationship between a publication and a reader and in its ability to attract advertisers in the future.

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Alexandre Taillefer

Changes are nevertheless inevitable, as News is in “a situation where it doesn’t lose money, but it doesn’t make anything either”. That is why a strategic reorientation is underway, the results of which should be known in September.

“Obviously we’re going to take this magazine and take it somewhere else,” he says.

“For example, we could switch to a monthly frequency, versus 22 songs […] today, but in view of concentrating the content, more money in research and in the relevance of the content to be developed,” he says as an example. ” We could […] also take the brand, take the quality of journalists and extend that to, for example, television or radio. It’s definitely a strategy we want to look at. †

The media today has to develop conferences and events and bring people in for seminars. There is a brand extension in television, radio, that can be addressed. These are all hot topics that we will be working on in the coming weeks.

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Alexandre Taillefer

Although he has recently been involved in certain political debates, including those on the minimum wage, Mr Taillefer denies making use of News to distil a sociopolitical message. He says he didn’t do it with the magazine seewhich he also owns, and that he “intends to maintain this line in the future”.

“Now we have to have substantive debates, we have a state that needs to be reinvented, we have important social issues, and for me the voice of the media has to be there and provide quality information to fake news, which has been referenced a lot in recent months,” he adds. “We need to make sure we have reliable sources of information. It’s about the survival of democracy, I think. †

We are not in the dispatch, in the last minute news, we are in very thoughtful files. For us this part is very important and it was important to save it for Quebec.

A quote from

Alexandre Taillefer

Nor is there any talk of like other publications and migrating completely to a digital universe, even if these platforms will be more exploited. “I am convinced today that the print media is here to stay and that we can improve this relationship, improve it and make this operation more profitable,” he says.

Until this new strategic approach is fleshed out, Mr. Taillefer happy to announce a short-term change: Carole Beaulieu, who was editor-in-chief of News will serve as strategic advisor to Mishmash Media for 18 years and will be replaced by its deputy, Charles Grandmont.

A new way of advertising

As the advertising manna that the media once took advantage of is increasingly drying up, Mr Taillefer is not hiding that he plans to recover News the advertising platform he created for see† Called Media Boutique, this concept allows advertisers to pay the media in vouchers, which are then resold to readers.

This “tripartite, symbiotic situation”, which today “75% to 80%” of the income of see, “works really well,” he says. “We think it’s a platform that will also be able to work on News.

The magazine currently generates most of its revenue from national advertisers, notes Mr. Taillefer, which is the opposite of see† This situation, he says, offers “wonderful synergies” in terms of business.

According to him, it is important to explain to advertisers from Quebec and Canada “how important local media diversity is, in the context where today there is a concentration of ad revenue at Facebook, at Google”.

You have to understand the importance of defending the fourth power, the media power, and you do that by encouraging the media. That’s what we want to do in the coming months, in the years to come: show how important it is to support local media, and how much we need local advertisers to get there.

A quote from

Alexandre Taillefer

means of production of see can also be used to Newssaid Mr Taillefer. However, the two brands will maintain independent editorial management and editorial teams, as their target audience is different.

Quoted in the press release, the editor-in-chief of NewsCarole Beaulieu says she is confident that Mishmash Media “will be able to maintain the magazine’s importance to the French-speaking public, while giving it new energy to meet today’s challenges”.

Rogers Media Senior Vice President, Digital Content and Publishing, Steve Maich, said he was pleased the magazine “can continue to serve readers thanks to strong, local owners.”

the acquisition of News by Alexandre Taillefer is no surprise. Three weeks ago, he himself confirmed that… Grind in the morning that he was in talks with Rogers to acquire this magazine “very important to the future of Quebec”.

Rogers Media had put its French-language magazines up for sale Newschatelaine and loulou, September 30thThe Canadian media giant said it only wanted to keep its English-language magazines and focus on digital content.

Two months later, the company announced the layoff of 60 employees in its three magazines effective December 31. She also indicated that she had kept chatelainebut reduce its publications to six issues a year, but that it would close Loulou at the end of the year.

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