Olivier Renard satisfied with what CF Montreal gives him

Despite the obstacles at the start of the campaign, the Montreal club are currently in 4th place in the East, just three points behind Orlando, his opponent next Saturday at Stade Saputo.

We suffered in the beginning from the injuries and illnesses of players which weighed heavily in the choice of staff and in the choice of coach to select 20 players per game. Now they are almost all back. With the players we have, we are confident that we can achieve the sporting goals we want to achieve by the end of the season.he said.

When asked about the possibility of CF Montreal getting a new player, he left the door open, but hinted that the roster should not change in the coming days.

It’s not that it wasn’t planned. There are possibilities, but normally it’s not going to happen. As I mentioned during Saturday’s pre-game, several players have been left out of the 20 now that the injuries have returned. There is already an internal battle to be part of the group so it would be to add a playerhe said.

He also ruled out the arrival of an experienced player, mainly because of the club’s budget.

What I can also tell you is that we have about $400,000 for the available money. So it’s also not the money available to say we’re getting, say, a Drogba. We can take a player but of this valuehe explained.

Me, for that I still prefer to put aside and see what happens in July. If there is indeed a departure or something, we may have more opportunities to know if we are looking for a key player. So in July it will depend on what will happen.

As for the international offers that key players of the team could receive, such as American Djordje Mihailovic or even Canadian Kamal Miller, MLS Player of the Week for having remarkably prepared the team’s two goals against Atlanta last Saturday, made Olivier Renard not want to come forward.

Calls, there are. When a player performs well, it attracts attention. […] In football there is demand, supply and the desire of the player. It always weighs when there are proposals. It is also important to know what the player wants to do.

When asked about the idea of ​​making Mihailovic a Designated Player, he replied that it is too early at this point.

To make him a Designated Player… He plays as a Designated Player. It’s not going to help me in terms of the contract, he said with a laugh. But there are still years behind the paper he signed, it’s too early to look at that. We are very happy with him, and also with other players.

He has improved a lot with his French, the sporting director added jokingly. He does very good things. It also surprises me in some ways. I hope it will continue.

With regard to his contract as team leader, Olivier Renard indicates that no consultation has been held with the management.

Neither me nor the club have communicated about my contract, he said. I know there have been two or three articles, but we never communicated officially. And I’m not going to do that now. The situation is clear. I feel good here. I try to do the best with the team, with the staff† The day the club wants to sit down with me, they’ll probably ask me. There is no problem for me on this side.

Stay focused on the goal until the end

What about the rest of the season for CF Montreal? According to Olivier Renard, nothing is certain, even though the results are currently positive.

Last year we were practically on the same record at this point and at the end we dropped small points here and there and didn’t qualify for the playoffs. It was very disappointing on our part and especially on my part. As long as there are games to play and score points, we have to stay focused and not be satisfiedsaid the sports director.

He still believes the return to normal after two volatile years due to the COVID-19 pandemic will be a good thing for the Montreal team. Playing in front of a stadium full of fans in Montreal had almost become an exception.

For starters, CF will try to beat Orlando on Saturday afternoon to join Team Florida in the Eastern standings.

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