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The city council of Le Tampon met this Saturday under the chairmanship of the mayor of Le Tampon André Thien Ah Koon.

At the opening of the session, the City Council observed a minute of silence in memory of Mr Bernard Pons and Mr Jean Claude Fruteau.

36 items are on the agenda and are passed:

City policy – ​​Joint commitment to the “Educational City” program

The Collectivity has been awarded the excellence label “Cité Educative” to reinforce the municipal commitment to the education of its young people from 0 to 25 years.
This system aims to intensify the educational care of children and young people, from birth to 25 years, before, during, around and after school. The challenge is to unite all actors of school and extracurricular education, through three goals:

– Strengthen the role of the school

– Promote educational continuity

– Open the field of possibilities

The Educational Cities are part of the national mobilization for equal opportunities, learning to live together and the individual emancipation of children and young people in priority and vulnerable areas. Supported by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, the Delegated Ministry in charge of the City and the State Secretariat in charge of Priority Education, the Educational Cities were launched in September 2019.

City Policy – ​​Allocation of grants to associations

17 actions receive financial support, ie 13 associations with projects for a total amount of € 44,662

Report on purchases and sales of land 2021

Parking space opposite the municipal center of Petit Tampon
Acquisition of the built-up property, registered CN n° 1042, belonging to the Lauret consorts

The Municipality of Le Tampon is pursuing its urban structuring policy, one of the objectives of which is the reclassification of public spaces, in particular in terms of public facilities, improvement of traffic and parking conditions (sidewalks, parking lots, traffic). The acquisition of this property would allow to accommodate a parking space near the municipal center

Application of the Municipality of Le Tampon to the support scheme for the relaunch of sustainable construction 2022: the housing relaunch contract

Loan guarantee from the municipality in favor of SODEGIS for the construction of 21 LLS (Operation Boulanger – 12th km)

Loan guarantee from the municipality in favor of SEMADER for the construction of 65 LLS (Operation Les Jardins d’Eléa – Trois Mares)

Establish catering prices for the 2022/2023 school year

The municipality is responsible for school catering in the 40 schools in the area, including the private school Marthe Robin. She is also responsible for the production of meals for the school children of this establishment.
In 2021, the city’s school cafeterias received an average of 9,498 rations per day, or 90.17% of students.

The 6 central kitchens produced 1,323,218 meals for the students. The cost of a meal is €5.94 and the participation of families in the catering costs is €0.96 per meal.

The municipality offers parents the option to modulate the price:

– who enroll their child(ren) at a school in Le Tampon during the year to pay a contribution in proportion to the months of attendance

– who take their child(ren) out of the municipality in the course of the year to reimburse according to the established pro rata.

Service Agreements Front Desk School Catering and Charters Front Desk School Catering – 2022/2024

Contribution from the municipality to the operating costs of the private school Marthe Robin for the 2020/2021 school year
Correction on deliberation no. 06-20220226 following a material error

Group agreement between the Municipality of Le Tampon, the CCAS and the Caisse des Écoles

Rental and maintenance of copiers for the order group “Commune du Tampon – Caisse des écoles – CCAS”

Renovation of the Bérive library into a grain library

As part of the modernization of the public reading network, the municipality of Le Tampon has taken the initiative to renovate the Bérive library, specializing in “Grainothèque”. This rehabilitation project aims to promote the distribution of public literature on the municipal territory.
This new facility focused on sustainable development aims to make users aware of biodiversity through the use of specialized funds around the garden, where it comes to exchange of seeds of rural vegetable plants, training in permaculture.

Surface development work on the belvedere of Bois Court

Supply, installation and maintenance of emergency and fire fighting equipment
Lot 1: Fire extinguishers and safety signs
Lot 2: Fire alarm and smoke extraction

Maintenance of green areas on various sites and cleaning of gully grates

Maintenance of roadsides and greenery on municipal land (lots 1, 2, 3, 5, 6 and 7) – Transfer of amendment No. 1 to markets

Creation of a crèche in Trois Mares (institution for young children)
– Additional studies related to the postponement of works and the decision to change the location of the project – amendment No. 3 to contract VI 2017.98

– Lot No. 2: Structural work / Waterproofing / Hard coverings – paints / Soft coverings – partition walls / False ceilings – wood joinery

Amendment no. 3 on contract for works no. VI 2019.331

Construction of a crèche in Bras-Creux (institution for young children)
– Lot No. 1: Various road networks // Amendment No. 1 of contract VI 2020.64

– Lot No. 1: Various network roads // Amendment No. 2 to contract VI 2020.64

– Amendment 1 of contract VI 2021.51 / Lot No 2: Landscaping

– Lot no. 4: Framework / wooden frame / cladding / roofing / polycarbonate facades / Amendment no. 2 on contract VI 2020.66

– Lot No. 5: Aluminum joinery / concealment / locksmithing // Amendment No. 1 to contract VI 2020.71

Proposal for agreements between the department, the municipality and the CASud as part of the work to secure the RD 27 in Bras de Pontho

Classification of the Lanternes rural road in the municipal roads

Revision of the rates for the “Reception Without Accommodation” scheme for the school holidays of

29-20220430 January 2022

3rd edition of the Tamponnaise Urban Trail

Given the success of this sports competition, it is planned to renew this race, which brings together almost 400 runners.
The aim is to bring trail running back to the city with the passage of runners through certain symbolic sites in Le Tampon, such as the central town hall, the Benjamin Hoarau esplanade, the Roland Garros high school, the Klébert Picard stadium… Two formats would be offered, from 7.5 km for beginners and 15 km for advanced.

5th edition of Health Day

Led by the Sport Santé Bien-Etre association, this action will allow the realization of a march in the streets of the city, while at the same time a village will strive to bring associations and health workers together. More than 1,300 people are expected on this occasion. On this occasion, the city will guide the association in the organization of this event.

“Craft and Craft Exhibition” 2022

On May 21 and 22, on the occasion of Mother’s Day, the community organizes a craft exhibition to improve, promote, develop and support the Reunionese crafts.

Organization of the weekend from producer to consumer – ​​“Au Péï du BIO” – change made during the council meeting “Au Pays du BIO”
Environmental protection has become essential at a time when natural resources are drying up and biodiversity is in danger of disappearing. Everything we need to live comes from nature to us, so there is a consciousness for “organic” consumption. To this end, it will also deploy the financial and logistical resources necessary for the organization of the event.

Naming of the primary school in the 12th kilometer district

The municipality of Le Tampon wishes to honor a man who deeply marked the history of the 12th km district in the person of Mr Roland Félix, who died on May 27, 2021.

Creation of permanent jobs in the context of the internal promotion 2021

Creation of permanent employment under a project contract

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