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01 May 2022

Brave and united, but too technically limited and unable to alarm the Aiglons once and for all or even bring any rhythm to the game to foul them a few days before their Coupe de France final against Nantes , the Girondins logically conceded their 9th defeat at home, if only by a twist of fate (as too often this season) and a poor deflection from Lacoux that brought Delort back into the game, alone against Costil (0-1, 73rd ). As always, for eleven years, Nice will therefore continue to make Bordeaux its favorite garden and remain in the race for the podium. The Girondins have undoubtedly – except for one miracle – said goodbye to Ligue 1 on this first Sunday in May, while the other results (defeats of St. Etienne, Clermont and Lorient, draw of Metz) once again favored them. But this hopeless contest of attacking impotence exposed the syndrome of this team that no longer knows how to win. The trip to Angers will still be somewhat at stake on May 8, at least mathematically, especially for the Angevins. As for the following…

Incredible as it may seem, they still had a chance, by beating Nice, to return to the fight for a direct interview in L1. St Etienne not beaten without a fight in Rennes the day before (2-0), Lorient surprised at home by Reims (1-2) after equalizing, Metz on the wire in Montpellier (2-2) after leading 2- 0 and for a long time the last place left to respectively the Girondins, Angers and Clermont logically defeated (2-0) by Monaco and Brest who did the job, the Monegasques to stay in the race for Europe, the Bretons to ensure their maintenance . What more scenario did the Girondins need to take advantage of the windfall? Only Troyes, helped by the trifle of …. three penalties (more than in Bordeaux where they had had two) and two exclusions from Lille, had withdrawn from the game and made a big step towards maintenance. But there was enough room for the Navy and Whites to give their final three rounds a special dimension and a real challenge for an unexpected comeback. We had just forgotten a very important detail: this year’s many blows have given this team such a loose culture that it finally seems to have lost its knowledge of the ingredients to win. Admittedly, we were under no illusions, given the latest results recorded between these two clubs (no Nice defeat in the Gironde since 30 January 2011) and its value on paper and on the ground, superior at all levels to that of the Girondins. But there remained one adaptive variable that the Girondins could have influenced: the way the Aiglons, 6 days before their cup final against Nantes, were going to handle this trip to Gironde. In other words, it wouldn’t have been forbidden to jostle them, to rush them, to perhaps make them make mistakes (or not, always waiting for the final), but that would have required eleven starved on the lawn, on the Girondin side, eleven warriors conceded defeat by a hundred to one, but were determined to deliver the game of the season and make no concessions. This isn’t really what we saw on the Girondin side though, and this is the most serious thing. Well-organized and always sober in their relaunch, the Aiglons, far from being impregnable or irresistible, didn’t have to outdo themselves to win again. It was enough to wait for the weekly Girondine blunder, which always happens, today all Bordeaux opponents know this parameter, and not to miss the windfall. As the Gironde blunder was to come, it was obvious, even if it never happens to the same player, match to match. This time, for example, it was the hapless Tom Lacoux – also one of the most prominent Bordeaux players in this match – who started it, at the end of a run in which all his defense team-mates remained far too passive and observers of the game rather than to be actors in it. It was therefore a combination between Bard and Thuram, both very lonely on the left, that Lacoux deflected the ball to the wrong side, in other words in front of his goal where Delort, who was sniffing about 10 meters away, did not want so much and s a pleasure to perform Costil unopposed and close (0-1.73rd). But we often see that in the recent past the blunder had taken on several identities: in Nantes it was mainly Guilavogui who scored most of the goals, in Lyon Poussin and his chistera for Toko Ekambi, Costil against Marseille on January 7 , Marcelo against Montpellier… In short, it is better to suspend the count.

Bordeaux and Nice post-match reactions to listen to at Christophe Monzie’s microphone.

response from Christophe GALTIERthe coach of OGC Nice.

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response from Gerard LOPEZthe president of FC Girondins de Bordeaux.

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response from Jean-Clair TODIBOcentral defender of OGC Nice.

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response from David Guionthe coach of FC Girondins de Bordeaux.

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