FAIT DU SOIR State-of-the-art classrooms in the Jean-Macé school complex in Uzès

The town hall of Uzès has started the Jean-Macé school group for four years. Phase 1 has just been completed. At the start of the school year on Monday 9 May, teachers and students can make use of six classrooms and a fully renovated and modern nursery. (Marie Meunier / Objective Gard)

Built about 135 years ago, the Jean-Macé School Group in Uzès now welcomes 265 children from CP to CM2. The building has remained in its juice until now. The town hall has decided to implement a large-scale work program spread over four years. Phase 1 has just been completed.

At the start of the school year on Monday 9 May, teachers and students will have the pleasure of integrating completely renovated rooms. Six classrooms and the nursery (on the ground floor and on the first floor) have been renovated and are now on the cutting edge of modernity. † Partial panels were placed on the walls to protect against blows from chairs. We installed a very discreet heating system on the ceiling. All classes are equipped with a sound system, a computer system… Each teacher’s office is connected to a video projector.r (with retractable screen, Ed)”, list Hubert Luperini, director of technical services. Much of this IT equipment was funded through the state’s Digital Recovery Plan.

Each classroom is equipped with a video projector connected to the teacher’s desk. A heating system has also been installed on the ceiling (the white plates). (Marie Meunier / Objective Gard)

Magnetic painting rails were attached to the walls to display the students’ drawings. Each classroom has large lockers and a water point to facilitate manual activities. Each room is also equipped with an air handling system, which can be very effective against the transmission of covid-19, but not only. A well-insulated building does indeed retain heat and avoid heating costs, but the trapped air can be heavily loaded with CO2 when the students are in the room: “ There are indications that this can cause concentration problems in students. Our air recycling system avoids this kind of phenomenon because it is coupled with a probe that detects when there is a peak“, continues Hubert Luperini.

Magnetic painting rails have been placed on the walls to hang the children’s drawings. (Marie Meunier / Objective Gard)

3.9 million euros budget for the work of the school group and the music school

You should know that the school does not have air conditioning. In good weather, however, the students will not be bothered by the heat in the rooms. The indoor temperature is controlled according to that of the outdoor temperature. When it is warmer in the building, the nighttime overventilation switches on to cool down.

The exterior of the wing has also undergone a facelift. (Marie Meunier / Objective Gard)

These agreements were made in consultation with the teaching team, which proposed adjustments thanks to a control class. Outside, the pillars and the ceiling of the vaults have also undergone a facelift. All this work started in the summer of 2021 and is expected to be completed in 2024.” For the time being, we have reached a total amount of 3.9 million euros between the school group and the music school.‘, says the mayor of Uzès, Jean-Luc Chapon. In 2021 and 2022 alone, the municipality has invested a budget of €1.3 million and €800,000 on this project.

An elevator will be installed at the entrance to the school and will serve both floors. (Marie Meunier / Objective Gard)

A built-in elevator and grouped services

When phase 1 is completed, phase 2 is only just beginning. It concerns the entrance on the Jean-Macé side of the impasse and the complete intersection between the two wings of the school. All areas will be redesigned from reception to school medicine, including computer lab, management and library. † An elevator will be installed to serve the first and second floors“, confirms Marie-Françoise Valmalle, Deputy Delegate for Education. Today, this access is not at all suitable for a person in a wheelchair. The elevator takes you to the music school (which is on the 2nd floor), without necessarily going through the current spiral staircase, which has very high and impractical steps.

The schoolyard is also being redesigned. This access will be temporarily closed during the works. (Marie Meunier / Objective Gard)

The entrance through the impasse Jean-Macé is temporarily closed. In order not to disrupt the lessons, major demolition work will take place this summer. Previously, it will be necessary to prepare the building and remove asbestos from a former staff residence that is no longer in use. † We have a building that is quite remarkable, the question is to rehabilitate it without deforming it“, says Hubert Luperini, pointing to the facade of the school. The entrance square will be redesigned with a wide staircase and an accessibility ramp will be built on the side. Work will continue with the 3rd phase, which will concern the wing on the General-Vincent side, and the 4th, which will concern the facades.

A former staff residence on the 1st floor will have to remove asbestos for the structural work this summer. (Marie Meunier / Objective Gard)

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