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Mental Health Week

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The Radius of Sharing in the Mental Health Organization has a showcase at 67 Desbiens, in Amqui.

As part of Mental Health Week 2022, which will take place from May 2 to 8, we spoke with the director of the organization “Rayon desharing en santé santé mental”, an alternative resource for mental health in La Matapédia.

Unsurprisingly, epidemiological studies conducted by the National Institute of Public Health of Quebec (INSPQ) confirm a deterioration in the mental health and well-being of the population since the start of the pandemic. These negative impacts, particularly exacerbated by social isolation and pandemic stress, have affected all age groups, including those with emerging or pre-existing mental health disorders. According to a survey conducted by Statistics Canada, mental health-related disability is said to have increased by 2.3 percentage points between 2019 (6.4%) and 2021 (8.7%), particularly among women aged 16 to 24 showing the highest increase among Canadian demographics.

As everywhere in the country, Rayon de Parting observes an increase in the number of psychological complaints among its customers. However, the director of Rayon de Partage, Nanny Gaudet, explains to us how the organization managed to adapt to health problems by showing ingenuity in its interventions. Such as what the vagaries of the pandemic will also have positively brought.

At Radius of Sharing in Mental Health, the increase in telephone interventions has proved positive for some during periods of incarceration. The workers would indeed have noticed a greater trust in their clientele, thereby strengthening the bond of trust between the professional and the client. “Since the advent of COVID-19, we have focused more on telephone interventions. We have also reserved a tool for telephone intervention. We make sure that people are approached on time. In fact, I’d say it encouraged some people to become more confident,” suggests the woman at the helm of the organization, adding the arrival of new educational video chronicles featuring Jackie Castonguay.

Mental Health Week 2022: What if we choose empathy?

During this interview, Ms. Gaudet made it a point to recall that everyone has mental health, just like physical health, which can also fail at any time. “We often take the time to consult for a sore spot, but we don’t take the time to stop when it comes to our mental health. Anything we experience as an ordeal can cause us mental health problems. Pregnancy, beautiful as it sounds, can bring us hormonal changes that can cause mental health problems. You have to listen to yourself and others…”

Many people also use the services of alternative sources to better support loved ones with mental health problems. Whether it’s about better understanding anxiety disorders, depression, psychotic disorders or addictive behavior, Rayon desharing is there to provide the necessary support. Nanny reminds us that there is no shame in seeking professional help, even if only to confide in someone. “There are so many people who have come for help and things are better today. The word hope, I want to say it loud and clear. If your fear or problems are taking over your life, you need to talk about it. Talking about it is opening a door to well-being. As we talk, we realize that we are not alone. It is important to knock on the right doors. †

It should be noted that it is possible to reach employees of Rayon de Part on 418 629 5197. With 811 you can also quickly reach a professional in psychosocial intervention in case of a psychosocial problem. The service is offered 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. “We have to keep talking about mental health, to demystify it. There are many solutions to help ourselves find what makes us feel good on a daily basis. Is it physical activity, going on a trip, recharging the batteries, alone or in a gang? We need to find out what makes us personally feel good. Stress and anxiety are not just negative. It is normal to experience stress, you just have to deal with it well”, concludes Nanny Gaudet.

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