Cars consuming less than 5l/100 km in the city

While official and recent, WLTP certification cycles remain too optimistic. This is why “L’AM” has been around for over forty years independent measurement cycles and especially close to real life, evolving according to changes in the regulatory rates† Sure, our data may be out of line for some of our readers, as the driving style and use of each affect fuel consumption. So, without claiming to represent all types of drivers, these tests eliminate a maximum of variables. such as temperature, wind, traffic conditions, consumption of peripherals (heating/air conditioning, etc.) and our measurements, taken by one person all year round, are reproduced identically to allow fair comparisons between them.

An independent cycle and quite close to reality

So, regardless of the on-board computer, which is legally entitled to plus or minus 5% error, we rely only on ultra-precise flow meters mounted on the fuel system and perform all our cycles on the same track of the circuit of Montlhéry ( 91), free from all traffic. Heating, air conditioning and ventilation are also cut. And for hybrids, whose battery charge level affects consumption, we perform several blank cycles so that this charge stabilizes at the level corresponding to the use considered in our measurement protocol. (city, road, etc.). Finally, if our “urban” cycle includes a 60 km/h section – against the normalized 50 km/h, or even 30 lately – it’s because many cities keep areas where it’s allowed to drive at 70 mph. km/h to drive.

The 16 cars currently consuming less than 5l/100 km in the city

If we measure all cars correctly on 3 different cycles, we only isolated the urban cycle for this peak consumption. For your information, we also give you the average of the 3 cycles, that remains instructive† Small and medium hybrids largely dominate this ranking and it makes sense. Because their mechanics are most effective in the city. If you can’t drive for a long time before the thermal intervention due to the small electric motors, this is perfectly suited for choppy driving in the urban environment where you often stop. The start-up phases, which are particularly fuel intensive, are mainly provided by the electric† In this game, even a austere Audi A3 30TDI, the first 100% thermal model in this ranking, is relegated to the back of the pack. Hybridization mandatory, there are only two mechanical boxes in the classification, with those of the Audi and the Renault Clio diesel.

On the other hand, it is necessary to underline the good performance of the Renault Arkana and Toyota RAV4, who, despite their respective 1,480 and 1,682 kg checked on our scales, manage to remain economical in the city† Likewise, the Kia Niro plug-in hybrid, with which we measure an empty battery, remains extremely economical. A very good performance compared to other plugins whose voracious side we have already underlined once the “battery” has reached its minimum load threshold.

ranking Vehicle Friendly engine City consumption Average consumption
ranking1 VehicleToyota Yaris Hybrid Friendlycity ​​car engineHybrid City consumption3.6l/100km Average consumption4.6l/100km
ranking2 VehicleHyundai Ioniq Hybrid Car6 FriendlyCompact engineHybrid City consumption4 l/100 km Average consumption4.9 l/100 km
ranking3 VehicleHonda Jazz 1.5 i-MMD e-CVT Friendlycity ​​car engineHybrid City consumption4.1 l/100 km Average consumption5 l/100km
ranking4 VehicleToyota Yaris Cross 2WD FriendlySmall SUV engineHybrid City consumption4.3l/100km Average consumption5,5l/100km
ranking5 VehicleRenault Clio 5 E-Tech Hybrid Friendlycity ​​car engineHybrid City consumption4.4l/100km Average consumption5.1l/100km
ranking5 equal VehicleToyota Corolla Hybrid 122 hp FriendlyCompact engineHybrid City consumption4.4l/100km Average consumption5,5l/100km
ranking7 VehicleToyota Corolla 2.0 Hybrid FriendlyCompact engineHybrid City consumption4.5l/100km Average consumption5.7l/100km
ranking8 VehicleRenault Arkana E-Tech 145 FriendlyCompact SUV engineHybrid City consumption4.6l/100km Average consumption5.6l/100km
ranking9 VehicleToyota Corolla TS Hybrid 180 FriendlyCompact station wagon engineHybrid City consumption4.7l/100km Average consumption5.9l/100km
ranking10 VehicleKia Niro Premium FriendlyCompact SUV engineHybrid City consumption4.8l/100km Average consumption5,5l/100km
ranking10 equal VehicleRenault Captur E-Tech 145 FriendlySmall SUV engineHybrid City consumption4.8l/100km Average consumption5.7l/100km
ranking12 VehicleToyota RAV4 Hybrid 2WD Friendlyfamily SUV engineHybrid City consumption4.9 l/100 km Average consumption6 l/100km
ranking12 equal VehicleAudi A3 Sportback 30 TDI FriendlyCompact engineDiesel City consumption4.9 l/100 km Average consumption5 l/100km
ranking14 VehicleSuzuki Swace 1.8 Hybrid CVT FriendlyCompact engineHybrid City consumption5 l/100km Average consumption5.8l/100km
ranking14 equal VehicleRenault Clio 1.5 dCi 100 Friendlycity ​​car engineDiesel City consumption5 l/100km Average consumption5.1l/100km
ranking14 equal VehicleKia Niro plug-in hybrid FriendlyCompact SUV enginePHEV City consumption5 l/100km Average consumption5.3l/100km

published on 02/05/2022 Updated 02/05/2022 François Lemaur and the editors

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