Which players should CH keep?

The Canadian made fans dream for a few months last spring, but behind this astonishing performance was a situation that would eventually plunge the organization into a quagmire that would drag it to the bottom of the overall standings.

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The owner, Geoff Molson, had no choice but to clean up.

A season full of twists.

  • Absence of Shea Weber.
  • Carey Price’s absence.
  • Resignation of Marc Bergevin and his closest guard.
  • Resignation of goalkeeper coach Stéphane Waite.
  • Resignation of Trevor Timmins.
  • Arrival of Jeff Gorton.
  • Hiring Kent Hughes.
  • Greater responsibilities for Martin Lapointe.
  • Departure of Tyler Toffoli, Artturi Lehkonen and Ben Chiarot.
  • Jonathan Drouin sidelined again due to injuries.
  • And many changes in the workforce.

Now, for the Gorton/Hughes duo, the dealer’s recovery plan must take the next step.

  • Resit, possibility to choose a first rank.
  • Confirm the return of coach Martin St-Louis.
  • Preparing for the free agent market.
  • While listening to a serious proposal.

But above all, we will have to take a serious look at the Price file and make sure that Shea Weber’s contract is eliminated from the financial structure, giving the company more flexibility regarding the salary cap.

Can Carey Price help revitalize the organization?

If so, how? How many games will he be able to play when he returns next year – and that is far from a guarantee?

Over the past five seasons, he has appeared in 202 of the Canadiens’ 373 games, averaging 40 games a year. The comparison doesn’t work given that the goalkeeper receives a salary of $10.5 million. So, at the age of 35, can he live up to the standards set during his career? The answer is no.

Gorton and Hughes analyzed all options.

Price’s record isn’t very reassuring. Does it go hand in hand with the business model of the two decision makers?

It is allowed to doubt that.

The Weber file remains.

Is there a team ready to contact the Canadian and accept the defender’s contract? Very well possible. It is a necessity for the Habs to release the organization from any financial responsibility towards the defender.

When the Gorton/Hughes duo have solved these two problems, they will benefit from more salary flexibility.

The status of a number of skaters has also changed in the past year. We must therefore ask ourselves: yes or no, will a player return?

the gardeners

31 – PRIZE, Carey, 35, $10.5 million. You know his file.

34 – ALL, Jake, 34, $2.875 million. He did his work with distinction.

30 –PRIMEAU, Cayden22, restricted free agent, but exhausted several options.

35 – MONTEMBEAULT, Samuel, 25, restricted free agent. He has done good service.

the defenders

6 – WEBER, Shea, $36.7 million. Isn’t he already retired? X

26 – PETRY, Jeff, 34, $6.25 million. But Kent Hughes will trade him if we make him an interesting offer.

58 – SAVARD, David, 31, 3.5 M$. A reliable defender.

44 – EDMUNDSON, Joel, 28.3.5 million. A mentor to young defenders.

27 – ROMANOV, Alexander, 22, restricted free agent. We will have to give him a new contract. A big bloom this season.

52 – BARRON, Justin, 20, $925,000. An interesting asset.

54 – HARRIS, Jordan, 21, $842,500. He shows good qualities.

20 – WIDEMAN, Chris, 32, unrestricted free agent. We have to make room for young people. X

—GUHLE, Kaiden, 20, $894,167. A talented player.

64 – SCHUENEMAN, Corey, 26, restricted free agent. Other defenders will join the team. X


14 – SUZUKI, Nick, 22, 7.875 M$. The best striker and possibly the next captain.

11 – GALLAGHER, Brendan, 30, $6.5 million. His contract deters other teams. But if there is an opportunity to make a good business transaction, the Canadian will have to move on.

92 – DROUIN, Jonathan, 27.5.5 million. What have we got to lose? This is the last year of his contract.

17 – ANDERSON, Joshua, 27.5.5 million. The Canadian needs a player of his stature.

68 – HOFFMAN, Mike, 32.4.5 million. But what general manager wants to compromise for such an expensive player? X

28 – DVORAK, Christian, 26, 4.45 M$. Led by Martin St-Louis, he did well. Wounded, he could not justify his status.

40 – ARMIA, Joel, 28, $3.4 million. If the Canadian can make a good trade. X

41 – BYRON, Paul, 33, $3.4 million. Been injured a lot in the last few months. X

71 – EVANS, Jake, 25, $1.7 million. A handy center player and also for a good price.

24 – PITLICK, Tyler, 30, $1.75 million. He did well, but it is insufficient in the current context. X

85 – PERREAULT, Mathieu $34,950,000, Unlimited Free Agent. We hope a team shows interest. X

32 – PITLICK, Rem, $25,917,637, limited free agent. Because of his age. But not at any cost.

22 – CAUFIELD, Cole, $21,880,833. He represents the future of the attacking formation with Suzuki.

25 – POEHLING, Ryan, 23, $750,000. But he’s out of options. Have we considered a place on the left wing?

45 – DAUPHIN, Laurent, 27, $750,000, Unlimited Free Agent. But he could help train the American League. X

55 – PEZZETTA, Michael, $24,750,000, free agent with restriction. Maybe a contract for the Rocket. X

56 – YLONEN, Jesse, $22,850,833. Can he play the same role as Artturi Lehkonen? Possibly.

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