Sens fair, parliamentary elections, Élise Lucet in Tonnerre… The indiscretions of the week

See you in three months!The elected opposition Auxerroise Florence Loury can’t believe it. Picked up an application file for an identity card for her son on April 21 at the town hall, she was invited to submit it “on July 27”, she reports. The fruit of “a policy of reducing public services and staff”, denounces the person concerned, who has already stepped up to the plate in the council.

“Cheers”.On Sunday, an evening was organized at the Arquebuse market for those who had participated in the organization of the second round in Auxerre. After the publication of the results, we were able to see many elected representatives of the majority, including the mayor Crescent Marault, his close guard and the deputy Guillaume Larrivé. Perhaps the opportunity to toast the re-election of the outgoing president.

A day early.Probably impatient to discover the fair of Sens and stroll through the alleys, the mayor of Auxerre Crescent Marault went to the inauguration the day before. An eagerness that amused the mayor of Sens. Marie-Louise Fort could not silence the anecdote and told it on Thursday morning with the consent of her counterpart from Auxerre, during the opening speech of the popular demonstration.

premium Fewer exhibitors but more intensity announced for the 93rd Sens fair, which kicked off this Thursday, April 28

Tonnerre special correspondent.The magazine Correspondent lingered for a long time on Tonnerre, during the broadcast on Thursday evening, on France 2. Journalist Élise Lucet returned to the reasons to believe in a better future for the city: the digital school, the projects of the Dumas company, the Lambert Wilson- festival … The magazine attracted 1.7 million viewers. A great highlight for the city of Chevalier d’Éon.

Gourmet Presidentials.Although the second round of the presidential election doesn’t seem to have particularly excited icaunais voters, the voters showed no lack of interest in the polling evaluators in spite of everything. In Avallon, for example, a loyal voter even brought cakes for the staff of the day. So hurry to the legislature!

The call.In his “Call for Sens”, Patrice José Tampied Azurza, LREM’s Departmental Referee, invites the union. After the victory of the RN in Yonne in the second round, he calls on the “plural” presidential majority to invest the candidates “most able to face the extremes of the right and left”, and this ” whence they come”.

Chablis seized.This Saturday, at the Palace of the Dukes in Dijon (and online), Drouot is organizing a major auction of grands crus, a loot estimated at 1.1 million euros and initially seized by the courts. Among the many batches of Romanée Conti, Meursault, Pétrus, Château-Lafitte, wine lovers from Icaun can bid on a batch of six bottles of 2005 La Chablisienne Grand Cru Château Grenouilles. Starting price: 200 euros.

premium Who will buy the prestigious wines confiscated from the gangsters in Dijon?

Sale.Mayor LR of Chalon-sur-Saône and regional councilor Gilles Platret defended the position of the blank vote in the second round. After the debate between the two rounds, the elected official denounced the position of certain members of his political family, including icaunais deputy Guillaume Larrivé: “Besides these personal palinodies, there is the image that it only gives commitment in politics. And it’s not glorious,” he tweeted using the hashtag #GrandeBaderie.

A piece of the pie.The icaunais deputy LR Guillaume Larrivé would not be the only one seeking support from Macronie in the parliamentary elections. In the Sénonais, some seem to be interested in the place occupied by Michèle Crouzet (MoDem).

Meaning cannot be left behind.Brittany did not carry it. The former mayor of Sens Philippe Serré had tried to leave his favorite city by selling his house and buying a new one in Finistère. But the bay of Audierne, however beautiful, could not convince him. So here he is again looking for a house in the center of Sens. Given the real estate situation, the case appears to be rather complicated.

premium We heard from the four former mayors of Sens

Third round.Two months before the parliamentary elections, negotiations on the left are gaining momentum with a view to a possible union. At the local level, insurgent France announced on Wednesday the names of the leaders of each of the three Icaunaise constituencies. Three parity pairs have been appointed. For now, they are “campaign managers”, also “potential candidates”. Among them Jérôme Thiriet, Florent Idrac or Judicaëlle Calif.

Animal cause.For the first time, the animalist party can nominate three candidates in the Yonne in the parliamentary elections. Auxerroise Elsa Guyot has announced her candidacy for the first constituency. Patrice Pressard should represent the party in the second constituency and Agnès Vignier in the third. The candidates plan to go to the prefecture together in mid-May and submit their application.

From Top Chef to Sens.There are almost 250 stands at the Sens fair. Hikers will be able to discover a whole range of gadgets for their home, as well as taste the delicious fries of a former candidate for the M6 ​​channel show, Top Chef Goal† Homemade preparations accompanied by andouillettes, merguez sausages or chipolatas. The young woman will return to the Ferrandi School in September to further develop herself in gastronomy.

premium Their rum route runs through the Sens fair

Campaign (from Puisaye).In a video tweet from the Fontenoy obelisk, “in the heart of Puisaye”, LR deputy Guillaume Larrivé invites you to meet on Saturday, May 14 at 10:30 am, at the foot of the tree of France in Europe, ” for a gathering of loyalty and friendship”. As at the bottom of his April 24 tweet, some internet users respond with a cover of his 2018 book, The Macron Coup – The Prince Against the Nation


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