Out of breath Mathieu Gratton and his wife had to temporarily give up the foster family

Mathieu Gratton and his wife, Marie-Laurence, had a very important update to make about their foster project.

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In a video shared on World of Benjamin’s Facebook page, the lovers explained that Scott, who had been living with them for a while, was leaving the family home.

Remember that Mathieu and Marie-Laurence revealed in 2020 in an episode ofAutist, now of age, their desire to welcome another child into their home, which already houses Mathieu’s son Benjamin. A year later, in April 2021, Scott, a young man of 20, arrived at Gratton’s home. We have also been able to see it a few times in the capsules on the Benjamin’s World page, where we can witness the daily life of the family.


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Exactly, many people wondered what was going on with Scott, who was less likely to be seen in the capsules. Mathieu and Marie-Laurence therefore wanted to make an update with their subscribers who are so numerous to follow them and take news. Emotionally, Mathieu Gratton explains that Scott, influenced by an outside person, had developed aggressive behavior and that this influenced the actions of his son Benjamin. After looking for many solutions, the couple had to realize that they were powerless in the face of the situation and, above all, that they were out of breath. Scott eventually left to live with another family. A decision not taken lightly.

However, this is not the end of their project, because as they explain, they still want to continue their mission, when they are ready and the time comes.

Here’s what they had to say:

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“We were out of breath…
We take the time this morning to share with you a difficult ordeal that we have been through as a family over the past few months. Since many of you follow us and many of us hear about our foster home project, we thought it was important to do a little update.
Young Scott, whom we introduced almost a year ago, left our home to continue his life elsewhere. Before we got there, we went through the whole range of emotions. A sense of immense failure due to our powerlessness in the face of certain situations eroded the morale of the whole family.
We’ll spare you the too-intense details, but know that Scott found a family to welcome him and he left with a smile.
For our part, we continue to take stock of our future as a host family on a daily basis and we do not intend to give up on the project. It’s an emotionally difficult learning experience at times, but it’s still worth helping out.
Thank you for your support and for being so kind to hear from Scott on a regular basis. After an ordeal like this, we needed a break before making plans for the future.
Thanks again for following us and, if it can reassure you, Benjamin is doing very well.

The publication has received more than a thousand comments from subscribers who give their hats to the couple for their commitment and big hearts.

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