The gangrene of the FTQ

Nothing has really changed on the rotten head of the FTQ Construction, except the names. The mind is the same. same gang bums Is in charge.

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And the best of the deal? Just like in the criminal times of Jocelyn Dupuis, the president of the powerful Quebec Federation of Labor will not change that. Nothing, nothing, nothing.


The FTQ Construction represents a contribution of 30 million per year to the FTQ plant. It is also an association of strong arms that has always been able to keep its mouth shut.

It is therefore an understatement to say that the FTQ Construct controls the rest of the FTQ through the stock market.

On Thursday, my colleague Émilie Bilodeau told us that trade unionist Rénald Grondin had repeatedly harassed and sexually assaulted his secretary. For two years. Between 2008 and 2010. A decision of the Professional Injury Committee confirms this. The victim is still living in psychological hell 12 years later.

At the time, Grondin was general director of the very anonymous Interprovincial Trade Union (AMI), affiliated with the FTQ Construction.


Rénald Grondin was president of the FTQ-Construction until his resignation last Thursday.

In 2018, six years after a judge described Grondin’s sexual abuse in black and white in a public statement, he became chairman of the FTQ-Construction. The names do not appear in the 2012 decision, but after such a serious decision involving the AMI, it is impossible to seriously believe that the information was not circulating.

How did he himself think of doing that without danger? Because he knows his gang.

How did no one stop him? Because it’s his gang.

That roughly sums up how this boys club has nothing to wax about the law, women’s rights and anything they claim to defend in their press releases, as my colleague Rima Elkouri well explained on Friday.

Let’s read this press release from Thursday: “For the FTQ Construct, sexual and psychological harassment is zero tolerance. We know we operate in a male-dominated industry with a difficult environment for female workers and we need to set an example for everyone. †

Isn’t that beautiful, a little, that? Zero tolerance !

No, what a joke.

The attorney for the AMI where Grondin worked was Robert Laurin. mand Laurin is also… the attorney for the FTQ Construction. And the lawyer said nothing when this man was to become president of FTQ Construction? He didn’t even bother to warn the management? The workers who pay his wages?

It seems to me that it is not the end, that, Mand Laurens. Seems very relevant information to me, right?

Asked by my colleague Émilie Bilodeau, Mrs.and Laurin replied: “It was not up to me to raise my hand to the FTQ Structure. I am a prosecutor. I am not a leader. †

It’s beautiful, isn’t it?

mand Laurin did not have the same reservations when he feasted on Jocelyn Dupuis’ well-watered supper at the worker’s expense, as evidenced by the work of the Charbonneau Commission.

So let’s talk about the Charbonneau Commission. We learned a lot about this sympathetic union.

I take us back to March 2009. The media started publishing the princely expense reports of unionist Jocelyn Dupuis, director of FTQ Construction at the time. It smacks of utter fraud at the expense of the construction worker – Dupuis would later be sentenced to a year in prison.

The chairman of the plant, Michel Arsenault, does not really like the smell of scandal. Especially since Dupuis also has ties to relatives of the Hells Angels and the mafia. He has just learned that then-director of the FTQ-Construction, Richard Goyette, asked boss Raynald Desjardins (right arm of Vito Rizzuto) for approval before taking the position. To make sure he doesn’t do “shit”.

Arsenault calls one of his political advisers. He is concerned about what he is learning. His advisor told him: “The gangrene is worse than you think. †

Reaction from Michel Arsenault?

“I have no advantage in meddling. We’ll force that on them. If we have a crooked partner, why should I take it on my shoulders? †

Here, summarized in a few words, the approximation of this state’s FTQ is within a state. Say nothing and let it be.

That hasn’t changed either, if you’ve read the platitudes of the current president, Daniel Boyer, a man who is genuinely sensitive to the promotion of women in the construction industry, etc.

Also note: Rénald Grondin’s name appears several times in the committee’s report. He was close, very close to Jocelyn Dupuis. He was aware of the shenanigans, the rigged union elections, the favoritism with organized crime.

The simple fact that he teamed up with Dupuis’ group should be enough to disqualify him.

But we’re at the FTQ Construction. So, boo!

A court’s findings on his repeated harassment and assault?

There’s nothing there! Even the union lawyer sees no reason to warn anyone!

Union press release: “Our organization will step up its investigations to ensure such a situation does not happen again and will ensure that the high standards demanded by the members who have elected us across the province are met. †

She’s good, admit it. Everyone knows each other, sees each other, has been friends for years. But it takes “investigations” to find out who they’re dealing with…

They will tell you that investigations (particularly by the CCQ) have taken place and have turned up nothing. Except that the only allowed check is that of the criminal record. Grondin, however, was never criminally charged for this intimidation and assault. It was “just” labor law.

If you ask me, they knew very well who they were dealing with. He’s been on bodies for years, knows everyone and is known by everyone.

And that’s exactly why he was president until Thursday.

Because nothing may change with the FTQ-Construction.

Because “gangrene is more serious than you think”, but it suits a lot of people. And that the FTQ-Construction, with its 80,000 members, is also just the FTQ.

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