Mental health: “MonPsy” is not unanimous

Scaryfear inducingstressful “…The adjectives to define the period of health crisis that we have just experienced are multiple.” The pandemic has highlighted the importance of the topic of mental health Emmanuel Macron underlined at the Assizes of Mental Health and Psychiatry last September.

It is to help people with mental health problems that the device ” MyPsy was launched in early April. This allows all patients from the age of three to be fully reimbursed by health insurance (60%) and supplementary health insurance (40%) for eight sessions with a psychologist per year.

On closer inspection, however, this device is not accessible to everyone. Indeed, only patients with conditions mild to moderate can enjoy the refund of these eight sessions. Criteria including, according to the Ministry of Health’s guide to therapists, “ mild to moderate anxiety disorder, mild to moderate major depressive disorder, tobacco, alcohol and/or cannabis abuse (excluding addiction), eating disorder with no criteria for severity

For psychologist Janina Hami-Carlson, whose practice is based in Minguettes, “ these eight reimbursed sessions with a psychologist are better than nothing “. This Vénissienne, who herself is part of the system, believes that there is “ a middle class that cannot afford psychologist appointments in light of certain prices charged by the profession.

The therapist, of Chilean descent, specializes in supporting women, especially those dealing with post-traumatic stress or anxiety or anxiety attacks. In recent weeks she has seen the number of consultations increase drastically: “ A lot of people came, all my slots are full ‘ she underlines.

Psychologists placed under guardianship?

However, she is not completely convinced by ” MyPsy I do my job by calling, money is not my goal, she explains. I entered the device to help my patients. It’s a great idea, but it’s poorly managed† †

She believes that in the long run the psychologist pays out of his own pocket “. After all, it is not the professional who determines the price of the consultation, each session has a fixed price of 30 euros. Price is not ” not viable, which makes the profession of psychologist and the care framework precarious » estimates Blandine Riamon, psychologist and regional secretary of the National Union of Psychologists.

His union regrets that the profession was not associated with the discussions for the creation of “ MyPsy And like them, more than 2000 therapists are calling for a boycott of the device. « ‘Monpsy’ is respectful neither to patients nor to the profession », the trade unionist annoyed.

But the point that especially irritates professionals is the mandatory visit to a general practitioner to be able to have these eight sessions. † We become psychologists under tutelage, we lose our autonomy, says Blandine Riamon. Patients need a prescription to come. The GP uses a questionnaire to assess whether there is a ‘mild to moderate’ condition, even though he is not authorized to do so.† †

She takes back: ” This can be very difficult for the patient, he will have to tell his story, share his psychological suffering with two people, the psychologist and the doctor. Although we know how hard it can be to take the step of trust

“MonPsy”, how does it work?

In order to be able to use the eight sessions that are reimbursed by the health insurance with a psychologist, the patient must first see a general practitioner. This assesses the patient’s problems and decides whether to use the device.
The patient can then make an appointment with a therapist (list of partner psychologists at The person being tracked must undergo prior treatment (except for the beneficiary of supplementary solidarity-based healthcare, state medical assistance, treatment in connection with a long-term illness, maternity from the 6th month of pregnancy, an accident at work or an occupational disease). The health insurance covers 60% of the price of the eight sessions and the rest is supplemented by the patient’s additional health insurance up to 40%.

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