International Labor Day | To live like humans in 2022

Under the theme of Living as People, thousands of Quebecers will march to various cities in Quebec to mark International Workers’ Day.

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Marie-Claude Tremblay and Bénédicte Carole Ze
From Quebec Central Trade Unions and the Migrant Workers Center respectively*

It goes without saying that the pressure on employees is constantly increasing. We need only think of inflation, which has peaked since 1991, which erodes workers’ purchasing power and makes it more difficult to access many services.

Add to that the fact that financial insecurity is affecting more and more workers, it is becoming more difficult to reconcile work-private-life lives, the cost of living is rising and affordable housing is a miracle. in this 1er By May 2022, the minimum wage is set at $14.25 an hour, and the Secretary of Labor is looking forward to reaching perhaps $15 by 2023. This is indecent, because $15 an hour is what we needed in 2016.

The coalition of 1er May calls on governments to finally take the necessary steps to live like the world in 2022.

A living wage and job stability

To live like the world, we need to take advantage of a stable job and a decent salary. It’s a right, not a privilege. Why is it that in 2022 so many men and women are struggling to make ends meet and become increasingly dependent on food banks?

It shouldn’t be normal to have to combine jobs, work full time and live in uncertainty despite everything. It is time for all workers to get a decent wage to live a decent life.

Quality and respectful work

We must work to live, not live to work. This requires quality jobs, more human workload with adequate rest periods. The balance between work, family and private life should be a basic condition.

The pandemic is telling: we need healthy workers. It is important that both physical and mental health in the workplace are better protected. It is high time to promote psychologically healthy and safe workplaces. This calls for quality jobs that are both respectful and where dialogue is possible.

Respect for human rights

To live like the world, we must fight inequalities and put human rights at the heart of both government policy and economic choices. These rights should not be malleable or negotiable in accordance with political and economic moods. Inequality continues to grow. We can think of employment law, social protection or education. Urgent action is needed to improve respect for all economic and social rights.


This Sunday 1er May takes place in Montreal from 1:00 PM in Cabot Square, steps from the Atwater subway station. Everyone is welcome to join the march, because we all deserve to live as human beings.

* The authors act as spokespersons for the Coalition montréalaise du 1er can. The coalition of 1er May brings together the following organizations: Central of Democratic Trade Unions (CSD), Confederation of National Trade Unions (CSN), Central of Quebec Trade Unions (CSQ), Federation of Quebec Workers (FTQ), Alliance of Professional and Technical Staff of the Health and Social Services (APTS), Autonomous Federation of Education (FAE), Quebec Interprofessional Health Federation (FIQ), Union of Public and Parapublic Service of Quebec (SFPQ), Union of Professionals of Government of Quebec (SPGQ), Center for Immigrant Workers (CTI), Quebec Collegiate Student Federation (FECQ), Regional Table of Voluntary Popular Education Organizations of Montreal (TROVEP), Quebec Student Union (UEQ), Injured or Sick Workers’ Union (UTTAM)

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