Football-Ligue 2: SC Bastia not on holiday yet

Relieved of the maintenance pressure, the Bastiais play loose in Sochaux (7 p.m.). But that is no reason to do anything, warned Régis Brouard, who wants to end the season as best as possible.

Keeping in the bag, it is with a light heart, a relieved mind that the Turchini move to Bonal’s lawn tonight. However, the season is far from over. There are still three days to go. It is out of the question to falsify the championship or get out of hand. Whiskey Coke and summer evenings will have to wait a little longer. This is not the time to slacken. Especially since the motivational levers surrounding this encounter are many. If Régis Brouard did not evoke a feeling of revenge compared to the first leg (2-2), the coach gave new goals to his group.

“We have set goals for the next three games, underlines the Bastia coach. Since the start of the season, we have succeeded in almost all our matches against the top 5 teams. It would be a shame if a behavior or attitude problem were no longer in the league. There is a setback in relation to the championship, Sochaux expects 15,000 people in the stands, that’s a good thing. Finally I think we have the means to get between 8 . to endand and 10and square. It must be a goal. I would like to exceed the 46 point bar, that would be a good thing, and why not do better. †

The question has been raised more than once this week: how will the SCB behave over the past three days? Even though the coach admits that the pressure within the group has eased, he still wants to keep his protégés in the competition. If Tuesday’s recovery proved complicated, after an understandable weekend of decompression, the Turchini were still holding the niaque. Even though the players will play without pressure until mid-May, the coach will be very attentive to everyone’s behavior.

“It would be a shame to end badly”

“It’s not easy for the players, with everything they’ve been through and the pressure we’ve had. The concept of fun must be important, in order to be able to play completely free. But you have to be careful with that, because you don’t have to do anything in between. We put a lot of pressure on the players. I liked the players involved in the sessions. We will automatically play for a lot of people, which puts us in the game. But it is out of the question to appear ridiculous for behavior and attitude problems, hammers on the Bastia coach before recalling the season just ended, trying on many levels. It is important for the club and for the team to finish as high as possible. Also for gamers. They need to understand that judgments will be made at the end of the season, finishing in the first part of the championship is still more rewarding than finishing in 15thand or 16and square. It is a desire on their part to want to do well, to end well. It’s theirs. We must not forget what happened in the season. There have been very complicated weeks. We should not neglect that, the pressure that surrounded the team. It would be a shame to end badly. †

Obviously it is impossible not to talk about the next three days without mentioning the future and next season. Again, while remaining vague, Régis Brouard has of course confirmed that talks on the 2022-2023 Sporting cuvée have already begun. After all, as the saying goes: government is provided.

“Since Monday we spend a lot of time together, talking. About the infrastructure, the staff, the structure of the club. We discuss a lot to improve things and make progress. We had to foresee all scenarios, maintenance, jump-off, etc. A job had already been done. It will speed up because we are being maintained. †

Sainati suspended, Magri injured

For this meeting, Régis Brouard will have to miss both Joris Sainati (suspended) and Frank Magri (Achilles tendon). Finally, Benjamin Santelli was surrounded by uncertainty. The striker was caught in training on Thursday morning and will therefore not be in the game.

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