Football / Ligue 2: For Pau FC, quit or again?

Until April 2 in Camp Nouste everything went well. On the 31st day…

Until April 2 in Camp Nouste everything went well. On the 31st day, Pau FC took its 12th win of the season by toppling Le Havre (2-1), allowing it to reach the famous 42-point bar well ahead of schedule, almost making its retention in League 2 formalized.

Stop or restart?

Since then, stopped, the Palois have not collected a single point. “We are competitors, at some point it has to stop. I succeed, I train to get points, to win, not to let my head fall after every defeat. We should be proud, a state of mind that should lead us to say, stop enough, to stop the bleeding. […] You’re wasting a season on it,” said Didier Tholot, the coach of Pau FC.

Didier Tholot tried to remobilize his men during training this week.

Didier Tholot tried to remobilize his men during training this week.

Nicolas Sabathier

Reluctantly, the Pau menu proved very busy in April, with six games against top 7 teams. After a good draw in Paris (1-1) and this win over HAC, Ajaccio, Auxerre when Guingamp and Sochaux stood in the way of the residents of Camp Nouste. “We knew we had a very complicated program. Everyone is talking about demobilization, but I don’t think there was one against Sochaux (1-0 loss last Friday), nor against Auxerre. There have been times when it has turned around for us. These matches didn’t turn out in our favour, I think we need to be a bit lucid in the last 30 meters,” said the former striker, well aware of his team’s offensive shortcomings, 14th L2 attack (34 goals scored).

The editors advise you

The editors advise you

Football - Ligue 2: Doubs bitter for Pau FC

Football – Ligue 2: Doubs bitter for Pau FC

Caught by a careless mistake and visibly forbidden to take advantage of a penalty, the Pau FC, however brave as it may be, cracked in Nouste Camp against Sochaux. Fourth defeat in a row and slip in the standings.

Weak with the weak

After these particularly indigestible main courses, the Palois now have to swallow a Normandy hole to revive themselves. On the menu appears Quevilly-Rouen, 18th in Ligue 2 (34 points), strengthened after his convincing victory over Nancy, the last in the championship. Last Friday, while the Quevillais were leading 3-0 in the 40th, Lorraine supporters set fire to the pitch and threw fireworks and projectiles onto the lawn. The competition has been definitively stopped and there is little doubt that the LFP Disciplinary Commission will award the 3 victory points to the Normans on May 4.

“We should be proud, a state of mind that should lead us to say: stop, that’s enough, to stop the bleeding,” Didier Tholot, coach of Pau FC.

If this Saturday against Pau were successful, Fabien Mercadal’s players would quickly approach their retention in L2. “We know we’re going to start, they’re going to play their maintenance, it’s going to be a fighting game. Are we ready to answer that today? I’ll tell you after the game,” asks Tholot, who has seen his team in great difficulty this season against poorly ranked teams: Pau only managed 7 of the possible 30 points against teams ranked from 20th to 14th. place (Nancy, Dunkirk , QRM, Rodez, Valenciennes and Grenoble).

Top 10 goal

Another difficulty, the Béarnais stammer their football from their bases, just 2 wins in 17 trips. “This is one of the axes we need to work on for the future. At some point we will have to find solutions to win away games”, their coach, who still believes in an increase in the top 10, part of the table, still within reach (3 points), hopes that his PFC is constant occupied between the 5th and the 32nd day. “We stayed there long enough. […] The players don’t want to stay negative, reverse the trend and why not get back in this top 10 before the last day of the championship. “After this trip to Normandy, the Pau will play their last home game against Niort on May 7, before a trip to Nancy on May 14, a decomposing red lantern. As the saying goes, “in May, do what you will”. For Pau FC it’s about winning, if possible this Saturday.

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