Canadians: it’s time to take stock

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BROSSARD, Que.- Goalkeeper Carey Price’s future remains in a gray area in the eyes of Montreal Canadiens general manager Kent Hughes as key stakeholder prepares for a new challenge.

After undergoing knee surgery last summer, Price returned to action on April 15 and has played five games this season. The 34-year-old keeper met the specialist who operated on him in New York earlier this week, but Hughes said it was too early to confirm whether Price will be 100% back next fall or if his career is over.

“If he’s working out in the gym there’s no problem. It’s really when he’s playing that there’s a problem,” Hughes explained during a late-season review at the Bell Sports Complex. can return to a point where Carey can play an entire season. We don’t have that answer yet.”

Price explained that his knee continued to swell and that he was unable to play at a level he believed was acceptable.

“There are certain things a goalkeeper is asked to do, but I have a hard time doing them,” said Price.

“I have questions to ask and make arrangements in the summer to get a head start for next season,” he added.

Price noted that under the current circumstances, he doesn’t believe he can come back next season and make 50-60 starts for the Habs.

“He’ll get his medical at the end of the season and then we’ll talk to our doctors,” said Hughes. We hope the situation will be clear later on whether Carey can really get back into shape or if he will have to play despite feeling unwell. The monster was short and it continued to annoy him. He was clearly not 100%. Will the injury stop him from playing one day? I don’t have that answer. †

Price, therefore, plans to get a different piece of advice, and he claimed it’s even possible he’ll have another surgery. However, there is no question of giving up, even though Price admits that the past year has been difficult.

And if the Canadiens’ 10-2 victory over the Florida Panthers on Friday at the Bell Center was Price’s last game of his career, the concerned captain said he was at peace with it.

“It was an exceptional day. I slept very well. It was an “A+” day. If that was the end, that was a nice way to end it,” he said simply.

Price’s contract has four more seasons left, impacting the Habs’ payroll of $10.5 million.

If Price can ever extend his career, he sees himself wearing no uniform other than that of the Canadiens, who selected him fifth overall in the 2005 draft.

“The future of the team is so bright,” said Price. The team has spectacular youngsters. They bring so much energy. I hope to be part of that. †

An interest of both parties

Hughes said it is too early to discuss the future of interim head coach Martin St-Louis. However, he said he would sit down with St-Louis to discuss “in the near future”.

Both sides have expressed their mutual interest in extending the partnership, which began on February 9 after the resignation of Dominique Ducharme.

“He’s a fantastic communicator, but it also takes intelligence these days to be a coach, emotional intelligence,” said Hughes. I hear him talk about the players and I see that he understands how to get the most out of each of them.

“It’s not just about systems or concepts, it’s also about knowing how to deal with all available information. †

Hughes said he would offer St. Louis a three-year contract, while the latter refused to negotiate in front of the cameras.

The Canadiens finished their season as 32nd and last in the NHL with a 22-49-1 record. This is the worst season for the Montreal franchise since the 1939-1940 campaign.

The team compiled a 14-19-4 record under St-Louis.

A new captain

Hughes was also asked to shed light on the status of Captain Shea Weber, who was absent from the ceremonies surrounding Guy Lafleur’s death last weekend.

Notably, after pointing out that Weber will be attending Lafleur’s funeral on Tuesday, Hughes said Weber declined to meet members of the media “because he doesn’t feel comfortable answering questions without being too much about his.” to reveal the wound”.

“Shea’s situation is complex. There are problems at the insurance level and at the competition level. There are things he can’t talk about,” Hughes explained.

The Habs general manager clarified in the same breath that it is “very unlikely that he (Weber) will ever be able to return to the game”.

Hughes also reiterated his intention to appoint a new captain before the start of the next campaign.

“I couldn’t play a full season with the current condition of my knee”

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“I love hockey, I’m happy to be in the league! †

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“It is possible that my family will return to Montreal”

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