AU BOUT DES RIGHTS – a new accessible and user-friendly legal magazine on Savoir media from March 16 – The initiative

Savoir media is pleased to present the new legal magazine Au bout des droits. Designed to better understand the functioning of society, its rules and laws, the series does more than just explain: it tells.

By meeting 12 victims and 16 lawyers, Isabelle Marjorie Tremblay reveals the concrete and everyday face of the law, one true story at a time. Criminal negligence, latent defect, identity theft, cyberbullying: these concerns can unfortunately affect anyone. Au bout des droits allows a dialogue between the citizen and the lawyer and allows you to explore the world of justice in an accessible and friendly environment.

Available in six 30-minute episodes, the series also features short clips that delve into little-known aspects of the law, such as the Bicycle Traffic Act or the legal framework for job interviews. We also meet lawyers who want nothing less than to change the world.

Au bout des droits will be broadcast on Savoir media from March 16 on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. It is also available on the online platform

Isabelle Marjorie Tremblay studied law, journalism, theater and international cooperation. She presented several television programs, notably on TQS, RDI, Vrak, Canal Évasion, MAtv and Télé-Québec/Canal Savoir (now Savoir media), where she was in charge of the legal program of the Barreau du Québec for 3 years. She hosts the Criminelles podcast on Radio-Canada OHdio, which focuses on women’s crime. Versatile and versatile in the field of communication and media, Isabelle Marjorie Tremblay is an author, journalist and content producer. She is also passionate about travel and the outdoors, topics she often talks about in television and radio chronicles, most notably on 98.5.

AT THE END OF RIGHTS – 6 episodes x 30 minutes
Animation: Isabelle Marjorie Tremblay
Directed by: Fanny Lefort
Associate production: Michel Pelletier
Production executive: Nadine Dufour (Media Knowledge)

Criminal Negligence and Identity Theft (March 16)
Isabelle Marjorie Tremblay talks to a very resilient victim of criminal negligence and then a young man who is the victim of identity theft. These two people tell their story and the many steps that must be taken to do justice or not; while reputable attorneys dissect the legal aspects to remember.

Cyberbullying and Hidden Vice (March 23)
In Quebec, Isabelle Marjorie talks to MP and citizen Catherine Dorion, who bears witness to the dangers and excesses of cyberbullying. In addition, a young couple who is the victim of a hidden defect after their first purchase tells about their accident. Legal experts in the field of cyberbullying and real estate law shed light on these legal concepts.

Sexual Assault (March 30)
The host takes us back to 2020, in the midst of the #metoo era. She meets Caroline Tosti, a sexual assault victim who, after confessing, has decided to file a complaint against her attacker. Follow his steps in the intricacies of criminal and civil law to obtain justice and reparation.
Financial Fraud and Malicious Liquidator (April 6)
Isabelle Marjorie talks to the victim of a malicious liquidator in an estate dispute case. She then joins a retired couple who are victims of financial fraud. See how each, supported by sound legal advice, was able to fight to win their case, through patience and perseverance.

Discrimination and Racial Profiling (April 13)
The episode explores two of the too many faces of discrimination. The host first speaks to a blind man who was refused entry to a hotel due to the presence of his guide dog, then the victim of ethnic profiling. Discover the story and the tumultuous legal journey that allowed them to win their case with a bang.

Negligent Tenants and Defective Landlord (April 20)
Isabelle Marjorie examines two contrasting facets of the landlord-tenant relationship. First a rent that turns into a nightmare for an income owner, then a tenant’s story and exemplary steps to successfully vacate a home infested with bed bugs. Lawyers explain the rights and obligations of each party.

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